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n. (plural of manufacturer English)

Usage examples of "manufacturers".

In recent years, airframe manufacturers had been obliged to send portions of the fabrication overseas, to the countries ordering planes.

Nearly all the agriculturists, manufacturers and tradesmen of the day, little and big, are public enemies - farmers, tenant farmers, market-gardeners, cultivators of every degree, as well as foremen, shopkeepers, especially wine-dealers, bakers and butchers.

In short, mass magazine publishers are busily destandardizing, diversifying their output exactly as the automakers and appliance manufacturers have done.

Other former municipal officers and officers in the National Guard - men of the law, notaries and advocates, physicians, surgeons, former collectors, police commissioners, postmasters, merchants and manufacturers, men and women, married or widows and widowers - are to make public apology and be summoned to the Temple of Reason to undergo there the humiliation of a public penance on the 20th of Ventôse at three o'clock in the afternoon.

Enumerate, if possible, all who are defrauded of private claims, all money-lenders and stockholders who have invested in any private enterprise, either manufacturing or mercantile, those who have loaned money on Contracts of longer or shorter date, all sellers of real estate, with stipulations in their deeds for more or less remote payment, all landowners who have leased their grounds or buildings for a term of years, all holders of annuities on private bond or on an estate, all manufacturers, merchants and farmers who have sold their wares, goods and produce on time, all clerks on yearly salaries and even all other employees, underlings, servants and workmen receiving fixed salaries for a specified term.

Take into account, moreover, the enterprises which are directly destroyed, root and branch, by revolutionary executions, enforced against the manufacturers and traders of Lyons, Marseilles and Bordeaux, proscribed in a mass,[34] guillotined, imprisoned, or put to flight, their factories stopped, their storehouses put under sequestration, with their stocks of brandy, soap, silk, muslins, leather, paper, serges, cloth, canvas, cordage and the rest.

In addition, the manufacturers, though not required to, maintained an exhaustive ship's record of every part originally on the plane, and who had manufactured it.

Recently, American manufacturers had had a good deal of difficulty with it.

For some time now, the JAA had been making special efforts to force the American manufacturers to use European jet engines.

They ordered parts directly from the original equipment manufacturers in the United States.

They feel that the American agency, the FAA, is in bed with the American manufacturers, and may have relaxed its standards.

Airframe manufacturers had long recognized that the majority of operational problems were caused by bad maintenance.

The documents required to certify a new airplane are not maintained by the FAA, but by the manufacturers themselves.

Some manufacturers and many rental firms will now furnish entire small apartments for as little as twenty to fifty dollars per month, down to the drapes, rugs and ashtrays.

So even the manufacturers of earthmoving equipment begin to pay attention to non-utilitarian--i.