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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a car manufacturer/maker
▪ He works for the German car manufacturer, Mercedes.
a clothing manufacturer
▪ a large clothing manufacturer
▪ To protect Britain's biggest manufacturer by making it less efficient: now that should really worry the public.
▪ By the same token, big manufacturers are often shareholders in their chosen bank.
▪ There is a reason for this: most big branded-goods manufacturers have started making own-label products.
▪ The two men helped make Action Games and Toys the biggest independent manufacturer of toys in Britain.
▪ Ford, Britain's biggest car manufacturer, went beyond the Budget to offer further reductions on selected Fiestas and Escorts.
▪ Many big Western arms manufacturers have whole departments devoted to arranging barter deals.
▪ Since then, he has acted as consultant to many of the biggest amp manufacturers in the world.
▪ Voice over Clinching the deal with Lockheed makes Dowty the biggest manufacturer of propellers in the world.
▪ Unfortunately, different manufacturers use different codes so there is no compatibility between different systems.
▪ Drives made by different manufacturers will sometimes not get along.
▪ They are often on different computers, with different capabilities, manufacturers, software and so on.
▪ In some cases, the same poor quality wordlist has been licensed for use by a number of different manufacturers.
▪ Just how much nutrition information should be put on a food label is a much-debated subject and different manufacturers have different views.
▪ This is why some combinations of drives from different manufacturers are fussy about which is the master.
▪ By 1908, an estimated 485 different manufacturers were building cars in the United States.
▪ A bicycle retailer will have models from many different manufacturers to offer customers.
▪ In 1986 foreign manufacturers began an advertising blitz.
▪ Iberian Motors executives could argue persuasively why foreign manufacturers should continue existing arrangements even in the absence of government requirements.
▪ Furthermore, even if the markets were opened, it would take time for foreign manufacturers to decide whether to enter.
▪ The company, the world's largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft, has experienced five straight years of record orders.
▪ In another of our cases, a large automobile manufacturer encountered a simple gas-tank problem different from that of the Ford Pinto.
▪ The latter are more specialised, and usually based on a single large manufacturer.
▪ This disc is being sold in Britain, but it seems unlikely to win favour amongst large microcomputer manufacturers.
▪ Read in studio Two leading ice cream manufacturers are getting hot under the collar in a row over trade.
▪ It was known as the Sports Car World Championship from 1953-61 and the title went to the leading manufacturer.
▪ This month, eight major gun manufacturers announced they would start providing childproof trigger locks with each handgun.
▪ Most big tournaments have a tent in which the major manufacturers of equipment and clothing display their wares.
▪ These days most major manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages produce special drinks of negligible calorie content for the weight-conscious.
▪ All major protective coatings manufacturers will be faced with the same issues.
▪ They are already major tube-based manufacturers.
▪ For major car manufacturers like Renault, Honda and Ford, it is a test bed and showcase.
▪ I also won a separate competition arranged by one of the major manufacturers attending the event - another £350.
▪ Vauxhall has shrugged off the difficulties faced by other car manufacturers to bring the massive investment to its plant at Ellesmere Port.
▪ We invented the half-round string in 1978, and then other manufacturers came out with similar strings.
▪ Flattery indeed. Other manufacturers should follow suit!
▪ We feel this is a practice other manufacturers should follow.
▪ Sometimes we find problems of durability; on other occasions manufacturers listen to our ideas and actively make changes in their products.
▪ But at the other extreme some manufacturers impose what seems an incredible loading against diesel versions.
▪ Fittings by Cochrane are sold as accessories and used by other kite manufacturers.
▪ In some sectors, B2B is putting smaller manufacturers on a more equal footing with larger businesses in their dealings with retailers.
▪ Several other small specialty manufacturers also offer electric vehicles and conversions, but their sales are tiny.
▪ Confidence among small and medium-sized manufacturers is up for the first time in a year.
▪ It bought a couple of small diagnostic manufacturers to try to do this.
▪ He started racing for a small local manufacturer.
▪ Panther is one of Britain's lesser-known car manufacturers.
▪ Die in Dayton builds the molds car manufacturers use for air bags, and Design Forum in Kettering designs dealer showrooms.
▪ Recently, car manufacturers have been offering big discounts in a bid to sell more in a depressed market.
▪ For major car manufacturers like Renault, Honda and Ford, it is a test bed and showcase.
▪ Eberhard von Kuenheim is the longest-serving chairman of any car manufacturer.
▪ The Government should take action to force all car manufacturers to pass on its tax cut.
▪ Volkswagen has seized an investment opportunity by buying Skoda, and other Western car manufacturers are setting up Western-style dealerships.
▪ This was because car manufacturers gave retailers bonus payments if there were sufficient new registrations during a given period.
▪ For many years cigarette manufacturers survived the accusation that cigarettes killed you.
▪ That damaged the cigarette manufacturers more than you might imagine.
▪ I challenge the cigarette manufacturers rather than support them.
▪ The Justice Department negotiated a settlement in 1994 of charges that Microsoft enforced anticompetitive software licensing terms computer manufacturers.
▪ It has also encouraged computer manufacturers which use the Intel family of processors to proclaim that in advertising.
▪ Microsoft Corp. has filed suit against a Houston computer manufacturer as part of a nationwide crackdown on software piracy.
▪ Compare that with the traditional channel where parts and finished computers are warehoused by the computer manufacturers and by retailers.
▪ The company is also expected to agree to stop using its Windows licences as a way of punishing or rewarding computer manufacturers.
▪ For evidence of the totality of power that computer manufacturers have themselves articulated as a final goal, see N0TE5.
▪ The company said it expected income from royalties to grow as more printing equipment manufacturers take out licences for its technology.
▪ An analyst at Smith Barney Inc. upgraded the equipment manufacturer to buy from outperform.
▪ But, overall, Rescalc V2 will prove invaluable for analogue designers and equipment manufacturers.
▪ It is in the interests of sports equipment manufacturers to encourage such relative depreciation when their products have long depreciation periods.
▪ The other partners include Qualcomm, a digital wireless communication developer, and Cartell, a Michigan-based wireless equipment manufacturer.
▪ Direct mail order sale of food products by food manufacturers and specialty shops has become big business.
▪ Code doting is used by some food manufacturers on products that have a long shelf life.
▪ This year a pet food manufacturer has issued all the exhibitors with their very own pooper scooper.
▪ The investigation centers around promotional gimmicks used by food manufacturers to promote particular products in grocery stores.
▪ They may also feature brand name products whose price reductions are subsidized by food manufacturers.
▪ But food manufacturers are paying close attention to the colors, textures and flavors that appeal to children and teen-agers.
▪ It has important implications for hardware manufacturers too.
▪ The flocking rules were discovered by Craig Reynolds, a computer scientist working at Symbolics, a graphics hardware manufacturer.
▪ Old style hardware manufacturers have suffered.
▪ The same is true of the other hardware manufacturers, with varying degrees of modification.
▪ Using workflow, one hardware manufacturer managed to cut the time taken to process an invoice from six weeks to three days.
▪ Their many satisfied customers include gas and electricity companies, motor manufacturers, circuit board makers and steam railway maintenance organisations.
▪ It says that it has been urging motor manufacturers to make cars more secure since 1961.
▪ The real villains of the piece are the motor manufacturers.
▪ Electric motor manufacturer Team Rewinds has taken on Mike Osman, 49, in the newly created post of works manager.
▪ A motor manufacturer needs to retain an airline for the short notice movement of components, bulky and/or high value.
▪ Other leading manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon.
▪ Surely manufacturers who offer these products and recommend them of use as a priming support for oils have done their research properly?
▪ Computer manufacturers immediately started offering slick, new machines built around them.
▪ Recently, car manufacturers have been offering big discounts in a bid to sell more in a depressed market.
▪ Promotional items and giveaways: Many manufacturers offered giveaways to consumers with the purchase of their product.
▪ Some manufacturers offer alternative lenses that can be added to the front of the lens.
▪ Several other small specialty manufacturers also offer electric vehicles and conversions, but their sales are tiny.
▪ These days most major manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages produce special drinks of negligible calorie content for the weight-conscious.
▪ To accommodate the latest technological developments, manufacturers produce peripherals that can be added on to the older machines.
▪ The drives business is becoming a commodity market as most manufacturers produce devices with similar technology.
▪ Most other leading art &038; graphic material manufacturers produce holders, but the range of leads available is still very limited.
▪ Alternatively, manufacturers have recently produced a colour changer.
▪ The only way out is to adopt low-cost technologies, which local manufacturers can produce and which villagers can maintain.
▪ To overcome this problem one enterprising manufacturer now produces narrow contoured baskets which fit snugly on to the shelves of all popular designs.
▪ The incentive for these inventions is imposed by requiring the manufacturer, rather than the consumer, to be responsible for disposal.
▪ That means for every $ 100 worth of chips sold, manufacturers received $ 114 in new orders.
▪ Composites: essentially manufacturers in their own right which stock and sell other manufacturers' products.
▪ Gore sells only to select manufacturers and then approves every design to prevent poor construction from sabotaging its lifetime guarantee.
▪ All necessary bolts and sealant were supplied by the manufacturer.
▪ Any smooth flooring supplied unsealed should be sealed for use in a bathroom - instructions are supplied by the manufacturer.
▪ For under-sink installation it is essential to use the purpose-designed hot tap supplied by the heater manufacturer.
▪ When I discovered designs for slip in the pattern library books supplied by the manufacturers I was pleasantly surprised.
▪ As each external tank is only used once, a new one must be supplied from the manufacturers for every launch.
▪ a soft-drinks manufacturer
▪ Alubend is one of the country's biggest manufacturers of aluminium tubes.
▪ Clothing manufacturers have also felt the effects of the recession, as people spend less on clothes.
▪ Complaints should be sent to the manufacturer.
▪ Contact the manufacturer of your washing machine for a replacement part.
▪ All major protective coatings manufacturers will be faced with the same issues.
▪ At the same time, a combination of high costs and cutthroat pricing is driving out manufacturers of computing and communications hardware.
▪ Corridor's platform will allow retailers to inform their customers of precise delivery dates through online links to manufacturers and distributors.
▪ I am writing to complain about manufacturers who use unnecessary packaging.
▪ If inventories get too bloated, manufacturers generally halt production and slash their work forces to stay more in line with demand.
▪ Medtronic Inc. v. Lohr: Federal law does not prevent patients from suing manufacturers of defective medical devices in state courts.
▪ Most folks will prefer the latter, which is the way Windows 95 is usually set up by manufacturers.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Manufacturer \Man`u*fac"tur*er\, n. One who manufactures.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1719, "worker in a manufacturing establishment," agent noun from manufacture (v.). Meaning "one who employs workers in manufacturing" is from 1752.


n. one that manufacture

  1. n. a business engaged in manufacturing some product [syn: maker, manufacturing business]

  2. someone who manufactures something [syn: producer]


Usage examples of "manufacturer".

The iron foundry of one of the most famous gun manufacturers in all the Punjab and the Indus basin which meant in all India was located on this flat and featureless alluvial plain.

On subsequent inquiries, through a circuitous channel, unnecessary to be detailed here at length, on the part of the manufacturer of the cheese, it was found, that as the supplies of anotta had been defective and of inferior quality, recourse had been had to the expedient of colouring the commodity with vermilion.

Betty Nelson was the daughter of a wealthy carpet manufacturer, with a large plant near Deepdale, while Mollie Billette was one of three children, her mother being a widow.

Greenville will have some phenytoin to spare or the manufacturer can replace it.

Weston explained that Purling was the traveling representative of a safe manufacturer.

Flash Rego was not being kidded by this change of tactics on the part of the steel manufacturer.

As long as Ben Anderson lived, he controlled the invention and chose the manufacturer, with Sanker controlling nothing and getting half the profits.

Two consuls and the wife of a chocolate manufacturer put in a petition for a fire alarm, which was immediately granted, although the fire department was right behind the Orphanage and its training tower overlooked all the silver firs, promising the ivy on white house fronts and all the many cornices and porticoes that knew Schinkel from hearsay to dispatch two fire brigades, within twenty-seven seconds.

Nick recalled seeing a few lines in the paper: Robert Senn, 48, president of Senn Industries, a Swiss manufacturer of light firearms, pressurized aerosol containers, and ventilation systems, died when the plane in which he was traveling, a Gulfstream IV belonging to Senn Industries, crashed shortly after takeoff from Grozny, Chechnya.

They are in direct touch with the manufacturers and merchants in their respective communities, they know the present difficulties of shipping and they have the facilities for most quickly and systematically putting the shipper in touch with the man who has the facility for haulage.

But now she was getting close to landing an account with Yoon Shoon, a Korean self-configuring-athletic-shoe manufacturer.

He bumped into a big silverware manufacturer while he was trying to make a get-away.

The man who was trailing Silk Elverton was Foulkrod Kendall, the millionaire tableware manufacturer!

Sergeant Tapsell tried the second manufacturer with precisely the same result, the same reason being stated, one which concerned the locking of the side seams.

Correct application of the law of contagion allows thaumaturgical tools to keep the mystic links to their original manufacturer even when someone else uses them, while the law of similarity permits their attunement to any wizard because of his likeness to the mage who made them.