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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a car manufacturer/maker
▪ He works for the German car manufacturer, Mercedes.
a film maker (=someone who makes films, especially as a director)
▪ He is one of several exciting young film makers.
a policy maker (=someone who decides on what it should be)
▪ Policy makers have not dealt with the issue very effectively.
▪ Its 25% net margin is bettered in the computer industry only by Intel, the world's biggest micro-processor maker.
▪ Shares of Intel Corp., the biggest microprocessor maker, fell 2 5 / 8 to 55.
▪ Heinz is the biggest own-label soup maker.
▪ Compaq Computer Corp., the biggest personal computer maker, fell 2 1 / 4 to 46.
▪ It tackles the power of the Big Three cider makers and organises regular cider festivals.
▪ Locomotive Co., the biggest truck maker, fell 7 rupees to 368.
▪ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Metals are also large users and makers of robots and other factory automation systems.
▪ A large computer maker came to Professional Secretaries International because it was losing many of its best secretaries.
▪ The world's largest gun maker, Smith &038; Wesson, sensed inevitability.
▪ The boom in cider sales means they are now supplying apples to Bulmers and to other makers in Somerset.
▪ If Nissan can do it, why can't other car makers?
▪ What advantages have encouraged Pilkington and other glass makers to continue and expand their industry here?
▪ Although some other stick makers were bigger, this was to become the longest surviving stick manufacturer in the Stroud area.
▪ Nintendo and the other makers could help here.
▪ Mr Garnett expects other makers to follow suit.
▪ Your tutors, Helen Metherell and other professional curtain makers, have many tips to share with you.
▪ But let us look more closely at the other six trouble makers.
▪ The aircraft maker had warned Wall Street earlier this week that it expected the loss because of production problems.
▪ Earlier, Kok said he wanted Daimler-Benz to contribute more to a rescue package for the aircraft maker.
▪ Profits at auto makers and other exporters could be tarnished by a weaker dollar against the yen.
▪ The auto maker said the pact will permit better matching of output and demand.
▪ An uncle from Hull, a cabinet maker, visited while they were there.
▪ If Nissan can do it, why can't other car makers?
▪ This year it is different, and well worth catching a glimpse of the latest from the world's car makers.
▪ He is going to be the most important car maker since Henry Ford.
▪ Whenever the global economy is doing well, car makers immediately start work on a range of cars for the plutocrats.
▪ In order to make up for falling retail prices, tire makers have been struggling to raise prices to car makers.
▪ The news came on the same day that the car makers Rover announced another year of losses.
▪ Intel, the leading computer chip maker, said first-quarter revenues would be 25 % below the previous quarter.
▪ The chip maker said it expects to report disappointing results for its fiscal third quarter ending Dec. 31.
▪ Memory chip maker Micron Technology Inc. fell as much as 2 1 / 8 to 30 7 / 8.
▪ The Castano settlement marks the first time that a cigarette maker has paid out as a result of smoking-related litigation.
▪ The latest rumors are separate from actual talks between cigarette maker Liggett and state attorneys general.
▪ That pleases the cigarette makers, who invested heavily in his election.
▪ But government orders have dried up and the factory is struggling now by making vacuum cleaners and coffee makers.
▪ The computer maker warned early this month that its quarterly earnings would be well below analysts' expectations.
▪ A large computer maker came to Professional Secretaries International because it was losing many of its best secretaries.
▪ Crucially, the deal did not bar Mr Gates from selling to other computer makers.
▪ NatWest Securities raised its rating on the computer maker to accumulate from hold.
▪ Compaq Computer Corp., the biggest personal computer maker, fell 2 1 / 4 to 46.
▪ The relatively weak sales that many computer makers experienced in the 1995 Christmas season has caused nervousness in the industry.
▪ At 64, Joyce Kost of Vernon, Conn., is part of a market being targeted by computer makers.
▪ Its prime target is an audience of decision makers whose names you can write down on a single sheet of paper.
▪ The bad news for future job applicants is that there will be more decision makers.
▪ The decision makers don't confide in you.
▪ The group also provides decision makers with information and data and contributes funds to some political candidates.
▪ Between the management conference or decision maker, there was an increasing layer of software intervention.
▪ In addition, such strategies presume that decision makers understand the likely effects of technology development on a local economy.
▪ We can add to this the uncertain environment in which decision makers operate.
▪ In other words, by measuring results, Sunnyvale gives its decision makers the information they need to make intelligent decisions.
▪ Pfizer likes to pair up with other drug makers to bring products to market.
▪ The drug maker also said its 1995 earnings from continuing operations will surpass $ 2. 80 a share.
▪ The drug maker said Congress decided not to grant generic drug makers the right to market their products during the transition.
▪ It's a universally unpopular idea. Equipment makers say it will stop them being innovative.
▪ The telecommunications equipment maker also said it was named in a shareholder suit over the loss filed in a California court.
▪ Cisco Systems, the world's largest computer network equipment maker, reported better than expected fourth-quarter profits.
▪ He has been in the business for about 14 years and follows aerospace and electrical equipment makers.
▪ It has also been appointed by cleaning equipment maker Karcher.
▪ New York-based Loral is an aerospace and defense equipment maker.
▪ What will it do to the hotel and restaurant business, and to the construction industry and equipment makers that serve it?
▪ Take electrical equipment maker Shinmei Electric, which makes switches for use in pagers and floppy disk drives.
▪ Its footage is mainly licensed world-wide to film makers for inclusion in features and documentaries.
▪ Movie companies are understandably uptight about relinquishing control over how products are portrayed by film makers.
▪ For his documentary, Oxford film maker, Richard Stanley looked not only at how Oxfam works, but why it exists.
▪ But this time it's the plane's owners and pilots who've turned film makers.
▪ Voice over It's a chance for the film makers to make the most of the true Oxford experience.
▪ Eventually car chases became a clich, and film makers explored alternative transport in their quest for cinematic thrills.
▪ An initiative to improve the skills of local film makers was also piloted.
▪ The film makers say it shows routine insensitivity to livestock, but experts say they're wrong.
▪ In 1755 he went to London to train as a mathematical instrument maker.
▪ The choice of materials by instrument makers, however, depends primarily on the local ecosystem.
▪ The instrument maker knows how to choose his materials, and can judge their qualities and defects.
▪ What the instrument maker fashions with his hands, is a direct response to nature, which will he expressed in sound.
▪ Only a particular instrument maker invited to repair the instrument is allowed to work on it.
▪ Arthur had become a professional musical instrument maker.
▪ These trees grow slowly and take decades to reach the maturity, which gives their wood the qualities that instrument makers need.
▪ County at that time held 4.9%, County NatWest Securities, its market maker, held 4.43%.
▪ Ivan Lustig, a market maker with Foster Jefferies&038;.
▪ In practice, they are the only important regular market makers and as such collectively constitute the trading core of the market.
▪ Jaguar had a a hectic session, with one market maker briefly quoting 1,200p after seemingly misunderstanding a transatlantic message.
▪ At present an obligated market maker may be encouraged by fee rebates.
▪ A market maker does not have complete control over his portfolio because he is always required to make a market.
▪ However, over three quarters of this business was initiated by market makers and banks rather than on behalf of clients.
▪ There are leaders and opinion makers on the staff whose power of influence is completely unrelated to their official status.
▪ The policy development process is a superb opportunity for educating key managers and important opinion makers within your organization.
▪ What approach should regulators and policy makers adopt, and on what basis should they decide?
▪ This is difficult if policy makers can use only one method-services produced by their own bureaucracy.
▪ The old system had certain advantages for members, investors, and policy makers.
▪ Its policy makers next meet Feb. 1.
▪ Crime and criminal justice Crime prevention has received increasing recent attention from researchers and policy makers.
▪ But not if policy makers insist on fighting the battles of the past.
▪ Its policy makers will meet Thursday.
▪ The cockroach episode of thirtysomething included a scene that the programme makers also used on the opening credit sequence each week.
▪ The programme makers were so impressed by Sheila's contribution that they featured it as a programme in its own right.
▪ The links between high viewing figures and rose-tinted versions of the past have obviously been identified by the programme makers.
▪ I had not thrown those childhood puppets away, I now realised, nor had the programme makers and commissioning editors.
▪ It claims its semiconductor makers can make money.
▪ Soundview Financial Group intensified the concerns by lowering its investment opinions on four semiconductor makers.
▪ Pricing is being left to each of the six semiconductor makers.
▪ He became instead a boot and shoe maker.
▪ Feet also get larger as people get older. Shoe makers aggravate the situation by not agreeing on uniform sizes.
▪ Shares of computer and software makers also were lower.
▪ The 19-person start-up was funded by Colorado-based desktop publishing software makers Quark Inc.
▪ The software maker blames the hardware.
▪ Those software makers rose 900 percent, and 826 percent respectively over the same period.
▪ But the biggest changes lie ahead, say Internet analysts, software makers and other observers.
▪ Oracle Corp., another software maker, rose 2 to 43 3 / 4.
▪ Moreover, a growing number of software makers are releasing short demonstration versions of their programs.
▪ Nucor, a steel maker, maintains double-digit growth in an industry that has been shrinking.
▪ In order to make up for falling retail prices, tire makers have been struggling to raise prices to car makers.
▪ There was no news on the Moline, Illinois-#based maker of power machinery.
▪ Reflectone, a Tampa-#based maker of flight simulators, increased 1 3 / 4 to 15 3 / 4.
▪ The Ottawa-#based maker of computerized communications equipment cashed in on optimistic prospects for the Internet, the global computer network.
▪ Shares of the Preston, Washington-#based snowboard maker fell 8 1 / 2 to 25 after analysts at Hambrecht&038;.
▪ Intel, the leading computer chip maker, said first-quarter revenues would be 25 % below the previous quarter.
▪ Nucor is now worth more than the three leading integrated makers combined.
▪ That deal, which closed in February, combined the two companies into the leading independent maker of computer storage products.
▪ Tire companies therefore compensated for larger losses on tires sold to car makers by raising their margins on retail sales.
meet your maker
▪ At last the father fell down on to the pavement completely exhausted and convinced he was going to meet his maker there and then.
▪ I constantly sought cover from a host of opportunities to meet my Maker.
▪ I guess Big Willie means for you to meet your Maker.
▪ This, their last wish, was respected, and George and Joseph went to meet their maker hand in hand.
Makers of cars often think more about speed than about safety.
▪ Daimler-Benz AG is the maker of Mercedes-Benz automobiles.
▪ Personal computer makers are likely to face continued pressure to keep prices low.
▪ The wine maker has to decide when the crop is ready for picking.
▪ wine makers
▪ In order to make up for falling retail prices, tire makers have been struggling to raise prices to car makers.
▪ New York-based Loral is an aerospace and defense equipment maker.
▪ On the block is likely to be one of Mr Murdoch's stranger diversifications: Etak, a maker of electronic maps.
▪ Sybase Inc., a maker of database management software products, fell 2 3 / 4 to 28 3 / 4.
▪ The findings will interest policy makers, the financial community and academics alike.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Maker \Mak"er\ (m[=a]k"[~e]r), n.

  1. One who makes, forms, or molds; a manufacturer; specifically, the Creator.

    The universal Maker we may praise.

  2. (Law) The person who makes a promissory note.

  3. One who writes verses; a poet. [Obs.]

    Note: ``The Greeks named the poet poihth`s, which name, as the most excellent, hath gone through other languages. It cometh of this word poiei^n, make; wherein, I know not whether by luck or wisdom, we Englishmen have met well the Greeks in calling him a maker.''
    --Sir P. Sidney.

    To meet one's maker, to die.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "one who makes," also "God as creator," agent noun from make (v.). Specifically, "manufacturer" by late 14c. To meet (one's) maker "die" is attested by 1814.


n. 1 Someone who makes; a person or thing that makes or produces something. 2 {{context|usually|capitalized and preceded by (term the English)|lang=en}} God. 3 (context now rare English) A poet. 4 (context obsolete legal English) Someone who signs a cheque or promissory note, thereby becoming responsible for payment.

  1. n. a person who makes things [syn: shaper]

  2. terms referring to the Judeo-Christian God [syn: Godhead, Lord, Creator, Divine, God Almighty, Almighty, Jehovah]

  3. a business engaged in manufacturing some product [syn: manufacturer, manufacturing business]

Maker (surname)

Maker is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Joyce Maker, American politician
  • Michael J. Maker (born 1969), American horse trainer
  • Mike Maker (basketball) (born 1965), American basketball coach
  • Thon Maker (born 1997), Australian basketball player

Usage examples of "maker".

He, I know--for the question had been discussed among us long before the Time Machine was made--thought but cheerlessly of the Advancement of Mankind, and saw in the growing pile of civilization only a foolish heaping that must inevitably fall back upon and destroy its makers in the end.

If you object to my terminology as exalting too much the common man, as putting sacred things to profane use, as demeaning prophecy and nobility and poesy, I shall answer that it is because of the narrowing definitions of convention that only the makers of verses, and not all of those, are poets, that only men of certain birth or ancestry or favor are dukes, and that prophets have entirely disappeared.

Amsterdam he called at the sports shop and got a handful of literature about aqualungs, and a technical handout in rather difficult French from the makers.

It was also the first time in the history of their relationship that the ayatollah had acknowledged that he was not the final decision maker on Operation Dawa.

She loved her oversized, fire engine red stove imported from France, her Cuisinart, espresso machine, Belgian waffler, pasta maker, her Magnalite pots and pans, Henckels knives, cast-iron bakeware, microwave, and even her electric wok.

Etched into the glass was the legend Hank Bindle And Bruce Marmelstein: Magic Makers.

Inside the meteorite, biogenic Makers had carried her quiescent pattern.

Hastings Bleer, the maker of Oxotone, who claimed that he intended to begin life at eighty!

The objects reported by von Koenigswald, if used in the same manner as South American bolas, imply that their makers were adept not only at stone-working but leatherworking as well.

Frederick, a violin maker, who testified that he was familiar with the Bott Strad.

I have not been very far afield, Master Luke, but I know there are also Affytechans from DomBradden aboard, and the Maker only knows what else besides!

ICE WATER AND BOMBS While Ronnie Bucca began his first weeks on the job as an FDNY fire marshal, Ramzi Yousef was halfway around the world plotting to use his skills as a bomb maker to wreak havoc for the jihad.

The master came up and shewed me a gold repeater with a chain also of gold by a well-known modern maker.

If chromite in the up-time universe was used for a dye, he might be able to use that fact to enlist Amsterdam dye makers in an expedition.

Examples include primary ship control circuits, slow speed reactor main coolant pumps, reactor protection circuitry, and the wardroom coffee maker.