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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mantel \Man"tel\, n. [The same word as mantle a garment; cf. F. manteau de chemin['e]e. See Mantle.] (Arch.) The finish around a fireplace, covering the chimney-breast in front and sometimes on both sides; especially, a shelf above the fireplace, and its supports. The shelf is called also a mantelpiece or mantlepiece. [Written also mantle.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, "short, loose, sleeveless cloak," variant of mantle (q.v.). Sense of "movable shelter for soldiers besieging a fort" is from 1520s. Meaning "timber or stone supporting masonry above a fireplace" first recorded 1510s, a shortened form of Middle English mantiltre "mantletree" (late 15c.).


n. 1 the shelf above a fireplace which may be also a structural support for the masonry of the chimney 2 (cx climbing English) A maneuver to surmount a ledge, involving pushing down on the ledge to bring up the body. Also called mantelshelf vb. (cx climbing English) To surmount a ledge by pushing down on the ledge to bring up the body.


n. shelf that projects from wall above fireplace; "in England they call a mantel a chimneypiece" [syn: mantelpiece, mantle, mantlepiece, chimneypiece]


Mantel is a municipality in the district of Neustadt in Bavaria in Germany.

Mantel offers several different activities especially during summer months;

  • Mantel is surrounded by several lakes. Swimming and fishing are the most common outdoor activities here but hiking and camping are not uncommon.
  • There are several trail to walk or ride bicycles on around and in the city.
  • There is a mini golf course on the eastern side of the city toward Wieden.
  • There are several bars and places to sit down and enjoy a drink and food.
Mantel (disambiguation)

Mantel is a town in Bavaria, Germany.

Mantel may also refer to:

  • Fireplace mantel, a framework around a fireplace
  • Mantel Corporation, a fictional organization in the video game Haze
  • Mantel theorem, mathematical theorem in graph theory
  • Mantel (climbing), a climbing move used to surmount a ledge or feature in the rock in the absence of any useful holds directly above.

People with the surname Mantel:

  • Bronwen Mantel, Canadian actress
  • Dutch Mantel, ring name of Wayne Cowan (born 1949), American professional wrestler
  • Hilary Mantel (born 1952), British novelist
  • Hugo Mantel, German footballer
  • Nathan Mantel (1919–2002), biostatistician
  • Gregory Mantel, a fictional character in the soap opera EastEnders

Usage examples of "mantel".

Compton Mackenzie novels on the shelf, glassy ambrotypes of her late husband Austin night-dusted inside gilded frames up on the mantel where last time Michaelmas daisies greeted and razzled from a little Sevres vase she and Austin found together one Saturday long ago in a Wardour Street shop.

Walking through a maze of stacked magazines and expired telephone books, she headed toward the mantel, where she saw a statue of Buddha resembling Baboo the Genie wearing balloony, CP Shades culottes.

At the same time he was so groomed and fine that he seemed miniaturized, a jewel-like mechanism like the golden clock or one of the bonsai trees that lined the mantel.

Kopfe, und man sah, wie seine Haende, mit denen er auf der Brust seinen Mantel von innen zusammenhielt, sich krampfhaft ballten.

Er stand aufrecht und hielt schwer atmend mit der einen Faust seine Kapuze oberhalb der Brust zusammengerafft, indes er die andere unter dem Mantel hinabhaengen liess.

Er landete auf seiner Seite der Furt, und sein Kopf war wieder der Kopf eines Mannes, sein Haar war wieder Haar, sein Mantel nur ein Mantel.

She was an indifferent worker, and but for the fact that she was a favourite with Margery, the woman might have been tempted to get down the whip from above the mantel.

She dusted off the mantel and scowled at a regal photoscan of my creator.

Tommy pointed to the portrait hanging above the black marble mantel over a cast iron fireplace that was on one of the three plasterboard walls of a room.

The narrow old trim of the doors and windows had been kept, and the quaintly ugly marble mantels.

He turned from the mantel to face Sheff, who promptly crossed the room, treading on the same rug that had dropped The Shadow.

Eensklaps rukte zij uit heur ledikant een beddelaken en zij drapeerde zich in de lange, witte stof, die zich in het vale avondschemerlicht als een marmeren mantel plooide.

Lyeth took their saddlebags into the public room and dumped them near the mantel, adding her talma to the cloaks already spread to dry.

There were no fresh flowers in the house, but a bouquet of grey teazles stood on the mantel near where his wife picked at her meagre tapestry, as though they alone could survive the toxic air.

Louarn had seen the triskele once, tossed in a jumble of chain on the mantel, nearly obscured by years of dust, and thought no more of it than he would have of an old tool neglected at the bottom of a box.