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n. 1 (context fencing English) a special glove cover worn by fencers, specifically sabreurs, on their weapon hand 2 (context medical English) a conically shaped array of microtubules that completely covers the nucleus of a spermatid 3 (context cuisine English) a paper frill attached to the exposed end of a bone of a cooked piece of meat 4 (context furniture English) an upholstered arm on a wooden-frame chair like a bergère or fauteuil. 5 (context printing English) a vertical heading within a newspaper article computer generated image. 6 (context cycling English) a sleeve for the forearm, worn especially by triathletes and made of materials that reduce wind drag.

Manchette (cuisine)

In cuisine a manchette is a paper frill attached to the exposed end of a bone of a cooked piece of meat.

Manchettes are typically applied to the legs of roasted poultry and the bones of roasted pork or lamb. One particular dish often decorated with manchettes is the crown roast of lamb or pork.

Manchettes were originally of practical use: they allowed a cut of meat to be held with one hand securely and without the hand becoming greasy, leaving the other hand free to carve meat from the bone.

Usage examples of "manchette".

It was a simple repast--a manchette, or small loaf of bread of pure white flour, a loaf of household bread, sometimes a lump of cheese, and either a great flagon of ale or of sweet wine, warm and spiced.

Like many popular women of her type, La Manchette might have eventually retired to grow roses and live to a great age, had she not been murdered by one of her numerous lovers.