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malt whisky
The Collaborative International Dictionary
malt whisky

malt whiskey \malt whiskey\, malt whisky \malt whisky\n. A whiskey distilled in Scotland (esp. whiskey made from malted barley in a pot still); Scotch whisky.

Syn: Scotch, Scotch-whiskey, Scotch whisky.

malt whisky

alt. Whisky made only from malted barley. n. Whisky made only from malted barley.

malt whisky

n. whiskey distilled in Scotland; especially whiskey made from malted barley in a pot still [syn: Scotch, Scotch whiskey, Scotch whisky, malt whiskey]

Malt whisky

Malt whisky is whisky that is made from a fermented mash produced primarily from a malted grain. Unless otherwise indicated, it is generally assumed that the primary grain is barley, although whisky is also made using malted rye or other grains. A whisky made from malted rye is usually called a rye malt whisky instead of just a malt whisky.

If the product is made exclusively from a single grain at a single distillery (along with other restrictions), it is called a single malt whisky. Although this ordinarily refers to whisky made from malted barley, at least one brand of "single malt" whisky is made from rye.

Usage examples of "malt whisky".

It was after midnight but not yet closing hours in the lounge bar, for Lonnie Gilbert, with a heroically foolhardy disregard for what would surely be Otto's fearful wrath when the crime was discovered, had both glass doors swung open and latched in position, while he himself was ensconced in some state behind the bar itself, a bottle of malt whisky in one hand, a soda syphon in the other.

Dunnet had the cistern cover in his hand while MacAlpine held up a dripping bottle of malt whisky.

A hundred pubs he could name in Edinburgh, yet here he was at home, no beer in the cupboard, and just the one bottle of malt whisky on top of the fridge, half of it gone.

Rebus bought the makings for the meal and added bottles of rose champagne, malt whisky and gin to the trolley.

I poured myself a large measure of malt whisky and stared into the fire.

Fish and chips, biscuits with Stilton and cheddar cheese, a single-malt whisky with a splash of water, and then tea provided a satisfying late dinner.

She put on her CD of Beethoven's last quartets, poured herself a malt whisky - a present from Mark - and lay on the deep sofa, too jolted by events to sleep, trying to sift through thoughts which cascaded through her mind without shape or order.

Lady Malory also sipped malt whisky and as the hours went on they became obsessed with a possibility.

Glom components, nanotech equipment, gourmet honey, and the better brands of Caledonian single-malt whisky were at that time exported to the nearest human cosmop world, Okanagon, then a populous Milieu Sector Base and the home of the Twelfth Fleet.

A few measures of malt whisky in no way impaired his reactions and the prospect of being disagreeable to Fran sharpened them.