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Makum (IPA: mɑːkəm) is a town and a town area committee in Tinsukia district in the Indian state of Assam. It should not be mistaken for Makum Pathar, (the place near Digboi where, crude oil was first struck in Asia). The name Makum is derived from the word Makam of Chinese origin literally means "meeting point". It is the meeting point of three premier towns of upper Assam namely Tinsukia Digboi and Doomdooma. The National Highway-37 and National Highway-38 meet at Makum. Makum railway station is the easternmost railway junction of the Indian Railways. The rail line became operational on 16 July 1883.

It falls under the Dibrugarh (Lok Sabha constituency) and under the Digboi legislative assembly.