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legislative assembly

n. persons who make or amend or repeal laws [syn: legislature, general assembly, law-makers]

Legislative assembly

Legislative assembly is the name given in some countries to either a legislature, or to one of its branch. The name is used by a number of countries, including member-states of the Commonwealth of Nations and other countries. It is also used by their sub-national divisions, such as the Australian States and Canadian provinces.

Legislative Assembly (France)

The Legislative Assembly was the legislature of France from 1 October 1791 to 20 September 1792 during the years of the French Revolution. It provided the focus of political debate and revolutionary law-making between the periods of the National Constituent Assembly and of the National Convention.

Legislative assembly (disambiguation)

Legislative assembly may refer to:

  • Legislative assemblies, found in some parts of the Commonwealth
  • Oregon Legislative Assembly (USA)
  • North Dakota Legislative Assembly (USA)
  • Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico
  • Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly (Australia)
  • Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica
  • Legislative Assembly of the Federal District (Mexico)
  • Legislative Assembly of El Salvador
  • Legislative Assembly (France) (which existed during the French Revolution)
  • Legislative Assembly of Macau
  • Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands
Legislative Assembly (British Guiana)

The Legislative Assembly was the lower house of the Legislature in British Guiana between 1961 and 1964.

Usage examples of "legislative assembly".

I find the ground upon which your confiscators go is this: that, indeed, their proceedings could not be supported in a court of justice, but that the rules of prescription cannot bind a legislative assembly.

In a very real sense, the blood debt for our own actions is that the Legislative Assembly must forever more assume—.

Yet, he could not help foresee a tragic outcome, in that a single legislative assembly, as chosen by the French, could only mean &ldquo.

By now she must have found out what it really means: having to deal day in and day out with those tarakani in the Legislative Assembly.

The Legislative Assembly was closed and on the 21st of September of the year 1792, a new National Convention came together.

And, he reminded himself, it was by manipulating the Heart Worlds into supporting them that the Corporate Worlds had gotten a choke hold on the Legislative Assembly.

They had absolutely refused to take part in any election called by that Government and had continued to keep alive their own legislative assembly.

Unavailing protests, since the local Legislative Assembly held the power of the purse, a purse England needed desperately while locked in its death-struggle with Napoleon.