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Maini (locally known as Menai, and ) is the name of a village (now a town) and a union council as well as a lush green physiographic valley with natural streams and fertile agricultural land which resides in Topi Tehsil in the eastern part of Swabi District of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. It has a very detailed historic profile, from the early historic age till the Partition of Pakistan. Maini lies at latitude 34°07'07.23" north and longitude 72°36'32.38" east with an elevation of about 383 meters above the sea level. Total area of Maini valley is about 5 kilometres from east to west and 6 kilometres from north to south.

The population of Maini is now exceeding 80,000 (not according to the Government census). It is considered as one of the highly educated area of Topi Tehsil, where there are about twenty five Government primary schools, a Government high school for boys, a Government high school for girls, one Government degree college (Sahibzada Muhammad Khurshid Memorial College), one private girl’s college and more than two dozen of private primary and high schools. These institutions produced highly qualified personals for the country, who are serving the nation in different public sector departments and private sector as well. Most of the population Maini also helps the country in foreign exchange earnings; where they serve the Gulf and European countries in this respect.

On the other side initial health facilities are provided in the Government's Basic Health Unit while one can also find a dozen small private medical units. With these basic and dire needs, Maini also provides good opportunities for the sports facilities. There is an official sports ground, named as Cheeno, in its development the Government is taking keen interest but a case has been filed in the court which made it disputed. Most of the population play cricket, soccer (football), badminton volleyball and kabaddi, while the local game mukhka/makha is also played only at the arrival of summer.