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n. 1 a summer house 2 private lodgings 3 a territorial division of pre-independence India 4 a division of a farm 5 a division of a hunting preserve


Mahal may refer to:

Mahal (Israel)

Mahal (, sometimes transliterated "machal") were both Jewish and non-Jewish volunteers who went to Israel to fight in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War including Aliyah Bet. About 4,000 volunteers from all over the world came to fight on the Israeli side.

Mahal made up a small fraction of the Israeli forces, except for the Air Force, where they were dominant.

Mahal was disbanded after the war, and most volunteers left Israel. Some, however, made their immigration permanent.

The Hebrew term מח"ל is an acronym of (Mitnadvei Hutz LaAretz), which means Volunteers from outside the Land [of Israel]. The volunteers were referred to as Machalniks (or Mahalniks).

Mahal (1949 film)

Mahal is a 1949 Indian Hindi film directed by Kamal Amrohi and starring Ashok Kumar and Madhubala. It was India's first reincarnation thriller film.

Produced by Bombay Talkies studio, this Kamal Amrohi's directorial debut launched both playback singer Lata Mangeshkar and the leading lady Madhubala into super-stardom. Its songs, particularly "Aayega Aane Waala" sung by Lata Mangeshkar, are perennial favourites. Rajkumari sang two other well-known songs from the film, "Mein woh dulhan hon" and "Yeh raat phir na aayge". Their lyrics were written by Nakshab. Rajkumari also sang these songs live on a Channel 4 (a UK TV station) programme called 'Mahfil' aired on 24 March 1991.

Mahal made Lata Mangeshkar famous and established playback singers as stars in their own right. Before Mahal, records listed character names and indeed the first batch of records credited "Aayega aane wala" to Kamini, the character played by Madhubala. When the song first played on All India Radio, its phone lines were flooded with callers inquiring the singer's name. All India Radio had to find this out from the record company before it could announce Lata Mangeshkar's name on the air. The film was included in the British Film Institute's list, "10 great romantic horror films".

Mahal (1969 film)

Mahal is an Indian Hindi film that stars Dev Anand, Asha Parekh, and Farida Jalal. Music is composed by Kalyanji Anandji.

Mahal (palace)

Mahal (palace) , from Arabic محل maḥall 'place' is an Urdu word meaning " palace". In classical Urdu poetry, the word is used in its Arabic origin to mean a place of rest often alluding to the final resting place (i.e. the grave). The translation of the word as palace was done only in contrast to the European usage, as the Muslim rulers in India would build forts and ornate areas or buildings within the forts, which would be designated as palaces. It is a summer house, private lodgings, or a landed division of pre- independent India. Both Muslim and Hindu rulers built many Mahals in India.

Mahal (album)

Mahal is an album by American jazz trumpeter Eddie Henderson recorded in 1978 which was his second album released on the Capitol label.

Mahal (1989 film)

Mahal is a 1989 Bollywood film starring Huma Khan, Suresh Oberoi, Sadashiv Amrapurkar in lead roles.

Usage examples of "mahal".

He later went on to record an album at the Taj Mahal and he was hatching that plan there.

Lusty of Covent Garden, hilsa fish in tamarind sauce, chicken served with many vegetable dishes and a platter of rice, and a towering sugary model of the Taj Mahal accompanied by a mango water ice.

Weinberg, who had shown signs of succumbing to the succulent attractions of the Mudd Mahal.

But often during the long hot evenings, if Marcos were away for the night, Sabrina would visit the Gulab Mahal, and as the moon rose into the dusty twilight the women would sit out on the flat roofs of the zenana quarter looking out across the minarets and white roof-tops, the green trees and gilded cupolas of the evil, beautiful, fantastic city of Lucknow, while Aziza Begum cracked jokes and shook with silent laughter, stuffed her mouth with strange sweetmeats from a silver platter, or told long, long stories of her youth and of kings and princes and nobles of Oudh these many years in their graves.

There was no time to await Johnny and Long Tom--he would have to seize Mahal and Stroam himself.

Lane apparently knew that Stroam had headed for New York to contact Mahal.

No doubt Stroam fled when Mahal was trapped, taking the torch, and whatever they secured from the mail box--letters or telegrams.

The Tropicana, The Taj Mahal, the trappings of Las Vegas, she drove without seeing it.

I wanted to see the Taj Mahal, Borobudur, the Rice Terraces in Bagio, Angkor Wat.

And back went he with the force of the blast, and fell onto a Herez carpet, which had been a present to Rune from Shah Jahan for designing the Taj Mahal.

They hit the Central Avenue Strip, daytime quiet, a block of spangly facades: the Taj Mahal, palm trees hung with Christmas lights, sequined music clefs, zebra stripes and a big plaster jigaboo with shiny red eyes.

         They hit the Central Avenue Strip, daytime quiet, a block of spangly facades: the Taj Mahal, palm trees hung with Christmas lights, sequined music clefs, zebra stripes and a big plaster jigaboo with shiny red eyes.

The owner-or clerk, whichever he was-was from India, and the fun thing was that in addition to the usual Statues of Liberty, and tee shirts and I Love New York buttons, he had an array of brass monkeys and elephants and Taj Mahals and Hindu gods-that sort of thing.

The Golden Gate Bridge, the Washington Monument, the Taj Mahal, the Church of Christ the Saviour in Addis Ababa (full) and the East Chicago nuke were all the explosions of other, more charismatic bombers.

Some credulous fools actually believe the rumor that it is merely a complete 200%-scale replica of the Taj Mahal, built by enslaved Marines, but savvy jarheads know that it is actually a much vaster compound built out of construction materials stolen from Navy hospital ships, dotted with pleasure domes and fuck houses for his string of Asiatic concubines, with a soaring cupola so high that The General can go up there and see what the Nips are doing to his extensive real estate holdings in Manila, 1,500 miles to the northwest.