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n. (plural of mage English)

Usage examples of "mages".

There were only a few dozen mages in all of Tobyn-Ser, most of them serving specific areas.

And he remembered that, from that day forward, he had wanted to wear one of the green cloaks signifying membership in the Order of Mages and Masters.

Over the past few months, word had reached Accalia, through the news brought by traveling merchants, bards, and musicians, of renegade mages and corruption within the Order.

Jaryd listened to these stories with a skeptical ear, but, as the tales persisted and the crimes attributed to the mages worsened, he grew increasingly despondent and fearful, not only for himself, but for all of Tobyn-Ser.

On the day after his eighteenth birthday, walking with an Owl-Master to the Gathering of the Order of Mages and Masters, he felt younger than he had in many years.

He taught Jaryd to recognize the reddish stem of hawksbalm, the roots of which mages used to heal the wounds or illnesses of their familiars, and the waxy, white berries of Parnesroot, which could be mashed for use in a healing poultice.

But on this night, perhaps because of their impending visit to Taima, Jaryd found himself preoccupied with the stories he had heard about renegade mages and trouble within the Order.

He had tried to destroy the Order, and, failing that, he had cast a terrifying curse on all the mages who came after him.

The idea that Amarid and Theron could be friends seemed as impossible to fathom as the notion that mages could be responsible for the recent attacks.

For this reason, mages have never received material payment for their services.

He came to believe that mages should lead the land and enjoy the privileges and riches that their powers might bring them.

In the early years, he cooperated with Amarid, and both of the young mages enjoyed the attention and gratitude they received for their deeds.

At first, while their numbers remained small, these other mages joined Amarid and Theron or journeyed in small groups to Ceryllon to find their crystals.

But as their numbers grew, this became less practical, and Amarid and Theron told all the mages they encountered that they would gather each year at Midsummer in the Meeting Grove.

Other mages settled into more confined areas as well, healing those in nearby towns and becoming parts of the local communities.