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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
lad mag
▪ I am finding your mag interesting and am not having to dive for the dictionary too often.
▪ Marie's left a load of mags behind, so I pick one up and have a flick through it.
▪ Please keep up the accurate reviews and show the rival mags what a bunch of amateurs they are.
▪ So writers published in this and most mags are due the courtesy of polite negatives.
▪ The every-other-week sports mag is expected on newsstands next spring.
▪ They're just using the mags as an outlet for their sexy thoughts and fantasies.
▪ Well, Paul believes the time is right to launch a new mag on the same lines.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

mag \mag\ n. Shortened form of magazine, the periodic paperback publication. [slang]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

common pet form of the fem. proper name Margaret, attested since Middle English. Compare magpie.


"car wheel made of magnesium alloy," 1969. As an abbreviation of magazine, it dates from 1801.


n. 1 (label de colloquial abbreviation) magazine, the publication or ammunition 2 (label de colloquial abbreviation) magnet 3 (label de colloquial abbreviation) mag wheel


n. a periodic paperback publication; "it takes several years before a magazine starts to break even or make money" [syn: magazine]


MÁG is a 1987 Czechoslovak film. The film starred Josef Kemr.

MAG (cryptography)

In cryptography, MAG is stream cipher algorithm developed by Rade Vuckovac. It has been submitted to the eSTREAM Project of the eCRYPT network. It has not been selected for focus, nor for consideration in Phase 2; it has been 'archived'.

Category:Stream ciphers

MAG (video game)

MAG was an online multiplayer-only first-person shooter video game developed by Zipper Interactive for the PlayStation 3. The game was released in North America on January 26, 2010, mainland Europe on January 27 and the United Kingdom on January 29. It was released in Australia and New Zealand on February 11, 2010. MAG received an award from Guinness World Records as "Most Players in a Console FPS" with 256 players.

On January 28, 2014, the online servers for MAG shut down. Due to its reliance on online play, it is no longer possible to play the game.

Mag (Slovenian magazine)

Mag was a Slovenian language weekly news and political magazine published in Ljubljana, Slovenia, between 1994 and 2010.

Usage examples of "mag".

Neither Hera nor Mag realized that Asterion knew of their entire, inept plan.

From a cloud it changed into a bubbling mass of plague, sorrow, and death, and it poured itself over Mag, it flowed over her, and in that one movement, that one moment, Asterion did what Genvissa had always wanted to do.

He looked around bewilderedly at the wreckage, found Mag again within the shifted walls.

I sold The Good Times out on Campus Boul and was eventually recruited to distribute a rival publication called After Dark, basically a skin mag, whose cover each week featured a blurry color separation of an unclothed full-busted beauty whose smoky look smoldered above the fold in the vending machines where I placed the papers.

Manner der Geschichte hier und dort gehofmeistert werden, als dass sie uns mit Glasaugen ansehen, so meisterhaft immer die Kunst sein mag, die sie ihnen eingesetzt hat.

Heusch, je ziet er zoo mager en hol uit, net of je honger hebt geleden.

And Mager Blakes horses went by jest lickety larup for the Torrent ingine house with old Brown driving, and then Flunk Ham came piling into the church and said, give me that roap and he puled like time, then sum peeple came runing in and said where is the fire, and Flunk he said we dident know, and then we herd the ingine and went out and they was the Torrent and the fountain and lots of men, and they said where in hel is the fire and nobody knowed where it was.

Ob dieser, Fourier schon zu Lebzeiten von Seiten seiner Gegner entgegengeschleuderte Vorwurf eine Berechtigung hat, mag der Leser am Schlusse obiger Abhandlung entscheiden.

Then he took aside Mag Snaketongue, Pol Garson, Urse One Ear and Flint Hakason, the most experienced men on his crew.

The Mag Comm ran a count of the massing Regan fleet orbiting the Regan capital, and found no vessels missing.

Og and Mag, Cornelia, in our land he would have been slaughtered for what he did to you!

Sunlight flashed from their mag armor as snarled commands shot back and forth.

The Steyr SSG-70 bolt-action rifle was undamaged, but the rotary clip in the breech was exhausted, and there were no more mags in his ammo pouch.

He had searched for sniper rifles among the weaponry in the Quonset hut, and near a Barrett 1-A had found a case of Steyr longblasters and boxes of ammo, along with the rotary mag they used.

There were other threesome arrangements in the Family, and the testimonies in our Family mag were full of praise for this new idea.