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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chiastolite \Chi*as"to*lite\ (k[-i]*[a^]s"t[-o]*l[imac]t), n. [Gr. chiasto`s marked with a [chi] + -lite. See Chiasm. So called from the resemblance of the cross cuts of its crystals to the Greek letter [chi].] (Min.) A variety of andalusite; -- called also macle. The tessellated appearance of a cross section is due to the symmetrical arrangement of impurities in the crystal.


n. 1 (context mineral English) chiastolite; so called from the tessellated appearance of a cross-section. 2 (context mineralogy English) A crystal having a similar tessellated appearance. 3 (context mineralogy English) A twin crystal.


Macle is a term used in crystallography. It is a crystalline form, twin-crystal or double crystal (such as chiastolite). Macle is an old French word, a heraldic term for a voided lozenge (one diamond shape within another). Etymologically the word is derived from the Latinmacula meaning spot, mesh, or hole.

Usage examples of "macle".

I was almighty weak, but I macle it to the fireside and sat down on the wide hearth.