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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

fem. proper name, shortening of Amabel. Enjoyed its greatest popularity as a given name for girl babies in U.S. from c.1884-1895.

Mabel, MN -- U.S. city in Minnesota
Population (2000): 766
Housing Units (2000): 365
Land area (2000): 0.473301 sq. miles (1.225843 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.473301 sq. miles (1.225843 sq. km)
FIPS code: 38888
Located within: Minnesota (MN), FIPS 27
Location: 43.521875 N, 91.769352 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 55954
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Mabel, MN

Mabel is an English female given name derived from the Latinamabilis, "lovable, dear".

Mabel (group)

Mabel is an Italo dance project, renowned for their singles Disco Disco, Bum Bum and Don't Let Me Down. The group's frontman was Paolo Ferrali. They had reached the top of the sales chart in Italy, France, Germany and Austria.

From 2000 until now the group had performed more than 100 live performance in Italy and many foreign discos and clubs. The group participated in some most prestigious telecast like German telecast Viva Interaktiv, RTL2, GIGA TV etc.

Mabel (band)
  1. redirect Mike Tramp


Mabel (disambiguation)

Mabel is a feminine given name.

Mabel may also refer to:


  • Mabel, Florida, an unincorporated community
  • Mabel, Kentucky
  • Mabel, Minnesota, a small city
  • Mabel, Oregon, an unincorporated community
  • Mabel Lake, British Columbia, Canada
  • Mabel Island, Queensland, Australia
  • Cape Mabel, Laurie Island, Antarctica


  • Nelson Frazier, Jr. (1971–2014), professional wrestler, first ring name "Mabel"
  • Mabel, stage name of Italian singer Paolo Ferrali
  • Pen name of author Bessilyn Johnson (1872–1943)
  • Mabel Pines, a character in Gravity Falls

Other uses:

  • Mabel (band), Danish popular music group
  • Mabel (dog), dog on Blue Peter
  • Mabel Motley, female lead character on the 1976–2000 comic strip Motley's Crew
  • Ma Bell or MABEL, a nickname for AT&T when it owned regional phone companies
  • Mabel Pines, a fictional character in the TV series, Gravity Falls
MABEL (robot)

MABEL (robot) is a robot engineered in 2009 by researchers at the University of Michigan, which is well known for being the world's fastest bipedal (two-legged) robot with knees. MABEL is able to reach speeds of up to 3.6 m/s (6.8 mph). The name MABEL is an acronym for Michigan Anthropomorphic Biped With Electronic Legs. The creators include J.W. Grizzle, Jonathan Hurst, Hae-Won Park, Koushil Sreenath, and Alireza Ramezani. MABEL weighs 143 pounds (65 kilograms) with most of its weight being in the top torso area. The legs contain large springs and are jointed to form knees. The robot is attached to a safety boom for lateral stability.

Average Speed

Peak Speed

Ground Clearance

1.95 m/s(4.4 mph)

3.06 m/s(6.8 mph)

3-4 inches

Usage examples of "mabel".

Mabel felt a pang when she thought that there were covert allusions of the Indian woman which would convey the meaning that the intelligence had come from a pale-face in the employment of Duncan of Lundie.

Browning smoothly in beside Mabel, whisked Beatrice into the front seat, climbed in beside her and drove off.

The long silence was broken by Mabel, wanting cake, and Oliver began a gentle chat about nothing much so that Beatrice was soothed into content.

Mabel shed a tear, until she heard the blessings of her father murmured on her head for this tenderness and care.

Mabel found that two or three of the Iroquois had been raking the embers, where they had found a few small coals, and with these they were endeavoring to light a fire.

Much of this was known to Captain Sanglier, particularly the part in connection with Mabel, and he did not fail to let his auditors into the whole secret, frequently laughing in a sarcastic manner, as he revealed the different expedients of the luckless Quartermaster.

Jasper obeyed, and so keen was the interest of Mabel, that she too ventured as far as the companion-way, where her garments were sufficiently protected against the violence of the wind and her person from the spray.

When Mabel awoke the light of the sun was streaming in through the loopholes, and she found that the day was considerably advanced.

The fine blue eyes of Mabel followed his motions in curious expectation, and more than once the Quartermaster had to repeat his compliments before she heard them, so intent was she on the little occurrences of the vessel, and, we might add, so indifferent to the eloquence of her companion.

Mabel Dunham is willing to overlook all my imperfections and ignorances like, I should be wrong to gainsay it, on account of any sartainty I may have myself about my own want of merit.

Mabel dropped her hands, arose, and stood face to face with her two suitors, though the flush that was on her cheeks was feverish, the evidence of excitement rather than of shame.

Mabel, and all who knew of the manner in which this chief had been separated from the party of Cap, simultaneously entertained suspicions, which it was far easier to feel than to follow out by any plausible clue to certainty.

On returning, however, from the shore, Mabel was struck with a little circumstance, that, in an ordinary situation, would have attracted no attention, but which, now that her suspicions had been aroused, did not pass before her uneasy eye unnoticed.

The guide laughed, promised to have a care of Mabel, and in a few minutes the father had ascended a steep acclivity and disappeared in the forest.

Mabel and her blandishments and constancy were becoming images familiar to his thoughts.