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LVS may refer to one of the following:

  • Las Vegas Strip, a major American thoroughfare
  • Layout Versus Schematic electronic circuit verification
  • Linux Virtual Server a load balancing function in the Linux kernel
  • Light Value Scale, an exposure system proposed by Friedrich Deckel and used on cameras in the 1950s and 1960s
  • Litera Valley School, Patna, a school in Patna, Bihar
  • Logistics Vehicle System, a family of United States Marine Corps tactical vehicles
  • Logistics Vision Suite, range of IT solutions by Mantis Informatics for companies' logistics ( WMS, TMS etc.) which can be integrated with storage facilities (up to ASRS), and other IT systems ( ERP, MRP II, SCM etc.).
  • Left ventricular systolic function, a measure used in heart failure
  • LVS, a series of Russian-made tramcars
    • LVS-80
    • LVS-86
    • LVS-89
    • LVS-93
    • LVS-97
    • LVS-2005
  • LVs, a plural of LV
  • LVS may be one of the following codes:
    • the NYSE ticker for Las Vegas Sands
    • the NATO ship prefix for Latvian Navy
    • the FAA code for the Las Vegas Municipal Airport


  • lvs - report information about logical volumes