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abbr. 1 latent variable 2 launch vehicle 3 left ventricle 4 level 5 liquid volume 6 local volume 7 logical volume 8 low voltage 9 low volume 10 luncheon voucher


adj. being five more than fifty [syn: fifty-five, 55]


LV, Lv or lv may refer to:

  • Las Vegas Valley the area in Nevada that includes
    • Las Vegas, a city in Nevada
    • The Las Vegas Strip
    • other meanings see Las Vegas (disambiguation)
  • left ventricular Ventricular assist device (LV unit)
  • Liverpool Victoria, an English friendly society, commonly known as LV=
  • Lehigh Valley, an area in Pennsylvania
  • Ljudski vrt, an association football stadium in Maribor, Slovenia
  • Louis Vuitton, a French fashion house
  • Luncheon Voucher, see Meal voucher, a voucher for a meal
  • 55 (number) in Roman numerals
  • LV, likely voters in an election
  • LV (album), a live EP by the rock band, Chickenfoot
  • Low voltage
LV (album)

LV is the first live album by American hard rock band Chickenfoot. It was originally released as a bonus to a packaging of the first two Chickenfoot studio album, and was eventually released on its own. The first "side" includes tracks from the 2012 "Different Devil" tour. "Side B" includes tracks from the band's first tour that were also included in the DVD release, "Get Your Buzz On".