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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

plant of the genus lupinus, late 14c., from Latin lupinus, name of the plant, noun use of an adjective meaning "of a wolf" (see lupine). The reason for association with the animal is unclear; perhaps it was so called because of a belief that the plants were harmful to soil (compare lupus).


n. 1 Any member of the genus ''Lupinus'' in the family Fabaceae. 2 A (w Lupin bean lupin bean), a yellow legume seed of a ''Lupinus'' plant (usually (taxlink Lupinus luteus species noshow=1)) which is commonly eaten in the Mediterranean area and in Latin America although it is toxic if prepared improperly.


n. any plant of the genus Lupin; bearing erect spikes of usually purplish-blue flowers [syn: lupine]

Lupin (disambiguation)

Lupin is a flowering plant.

Lupin may also refer to:

Lupin (Dungeons & Dragons)

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the lupin is a humanoid with a dog-like appearance.


Revista Lúpin (Lúpin Magazine) was a monthly Argentine comics magazine (historieta). Guillermo Guerrero and Héctor Mario Sidoli first launched it on February 1, 1966. It was disestablished in 2007.

The comic takes its name from the popular Argentine comic strip hero Lúpin el Piloto, which debuted in 1959.

Lupin (Philippine TV series)

Lupin is a Philippine drama series that aired on GMA Network. It is loosely based on the French crime fiction series of books featuring the character Arsène Lupin and the Japanese manga and anime series Lupin III, in turn loosely based upon the original works. "Lupin" aired its last episode on August 17, 2007.

Lupin (album)

Lupin ( Hangul: ) is the third mini-album by South Korean girl group Kara. The concept and artwork of the album is based on French writer Maurice Leblanc's fictional gentleman thief, Arsène Lupin.

Usage examples of "lupin".

Of course, Lupin being a purely family name, Carrie was delighted, and began by giving a long history of the Lupins.

I was a little annoyed to find Lupin, instead of reading last night, had gone to a common sort of entertainment, given at the Assembly Rooms.

Carrie then read ME a long sermon on the palpable inadvisability of treating Lupin as if he were a mere child.

Simply to please Lupin, and make things cheerful for him, as he is a little down, Carrie invited Mrs.

James went home, and both Lupin and I were somewhat pleased - the first time we have agreed on a single subject since his return.

Perkupp has got an appointment for Lupin, and he is to go and see about it on Monday.

Carrie and I troubled about that mere boy Lupin getting engaged to be married without consulting us or anything.

I will do Lupin the justice to say, he looked rather ashamed of himself.

I told Lupin pretty plainly I was not in the least degree interested in the matter, and totally disapproved of amateur theatricals.

When I entered the parlour Lupin was kicking his legs in the air, and roaring with laughter.

Coming home from church Carrie and I met Lupin, Daisy Mutlar, and her brother.

After Gowing left, Lupin came in, and in his anxiety to please Daisy Mutlar, carped at and criticised the arrangements, and, in fact, disapproved of everything, including our having asked our old friend Cummings, who, he said, would look in evening-dress like a green-grocer engaged to wait, and who must not be surprised if Daisy took him for one.

I think this an unnecessary expense, but Lupin said he had had a piece of luck, having made three pounds out a private deal in the City.

Stillbrook arrived, but Lupin was restless and unbearable till his Daisy Mutlar and Frank arrived.

I tried to keep a bottle back, but Lupin got hold of it, and took it to the side-table with Daisy and Frank Mutlar.