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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lug \Lug\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Lugged (l[u^]gd); p. pr. & vb. n. Lugging (l[u^]g"g[i^]ng).] [OE. luggen, Sw. lugga to pull by the hair, fr. lugg the forelock.] To pull with force; to haul; to drag along; to carry with difficulty, as something heavy or cumbersome.

They must divide the image among them, and so lug off every one his share.


vb. (present participle of lug English)

  1. v. carry with difficulty; "You'll have to lug this suitcase" [syn: tote, tug]

  2. obstruct; "My nose is all stuffed"; "Her arteries are blocked" [syn: stuff, choke up, block] [ant: unstuff]

  3. [also: lugging, lugged]


See lug

Usage examples of "lugging".

Unsaddling Calypso, Kelly turned her out and lugging saddle and the bulging pouches, finally reached Nrrna's house, entering by the back flap.

It was filled with the sounds of confusion and impatience as the processed arrivees, most of them lugging their precious 23.

Her wrists and arms ached from lugging the oddments down so many flights.

Why should he have to trudge about the countryside, lugging a clumsy flamethrower when he could more effectively fight Thread if Ruth were only allowed to chew firestone?

There seemed to be more than the usual amount of confusion in the kitchen, but Camo, once he caught sight of her, immediately put down the side of herdbeast he'd been lugging and left the carcass, its legs obscenely dropping across the passage, while he disappeared back into the storeroom.

It was perhaps a wise enough precaution, and he never slowed them up, even lugging that deadweight.

Putting breathable atmosphere in the cargo bay and the engine room is going to take a lot of oxygen, and we can't keep lugging tanks up and down.

He couldn't imagine a queen lugging things from one Hold or Hall to another.

She worked as few beavers, an industrious lot, had ever worked, lugging huge trunks of trees and slapping mud until her paws ached.

McKeag became delirious, and any thought of his lugging bales east that June had to be abandoned.

Poteet and Nacho bought supplies for the wagon, Bufe Coker rode his horse through the fields around Jacksborough, falling off, regaining his saddle and lugging his aching bones to bed in a state of exhaustion.

Gregg carried a large suitcase, but he was certainly astonished to find that Calendar was lugging along a paper bag with one clean shirt and a razor, plus a large guitar.

The Captain and I rode those giant black stallions, him outfitted in his cold Widowmaker armor and me lugging the bloody standard while Thai Dei tagged along behind like he was trying to become some sort of clown sidekick.

Lady’s stallion, which was used to lugging only her hundred and a few pounds, plus armor occasionally, glared over his shoulder.

From windows along the way, a few people blinked out at the man lugging a load past.