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n. A particularly bad or mediocre aspect. vb. (context transitive English) To dye (part of the hair) a darker colour than the rest.

Usage examples of "lowlight".

She stared hard at it, feeling her lowlight pupils widening to full enlargement.

Klnn-dawan-a straining to keep both her lowlight and darklight pupils as wide-open as possible and to keep watch in all directions.

The light blazed into her dilated lowlight and darklight pupils, stabbing agony into her eyes and head and plunging everything else around it into terrifying darkness.

Letting his lowlight pupils widen, he scanned the sky beyond the shrine.

His lowlight pupils were already fully open, and now that he was outside the darklight-blocking effect of the dome, he let his darklight pupils widen as well.

Yet looking from the long and narrow garden at the back of that house in Lowlight to the wider garden that sweeps round the world, and is fenced by Space from the garden in Venus and by Space from the garden in Mars, you scarce saw any difference or noticed where they met: the solitary azaleas beyond were gathered together by distance, and from Lowlight to the horizon seemed all one garden in bloom.