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n. (plural of lotion English)

Usage examples of "lotions".

Once upon a time she had lingered after her bath, enjoying the wash of air over her damp skin as she pampered herself with perfumed oils and lotions, but for the past two months that luxury had fallen beneath her urgent need to be covered.

Privately he didn't think she needed to fuss with creams and lotions, but he liked watching her.

She flipped on the small fax dispenser and watched as all varieties of bathing lotions, salts, fragrances, and oils were named as available.

Then his smile changed to one of unforced approval as young Sara came up with a basket full of lotions and vials.

The very scent of the room had changed, as if it had absorbed the inherent sweetness of female flesh, the perfumes and lotions Lucinda and Roanna had used.

He stood for some minutes with his head back and eyes closed, taking in the aromas of the great soaps and lotions and creams, and of the ingredients in the workrooms.

She peruses stacks of straw hats and bins of flip-flops and displays of sunglasses and lotions, not interested in buying any of it but wishing she were.

Fresh water, the proper lotions and a conviction that he was not diseased have improved the state of his skin remarkably, but the effects of this intolerable deal of sublimate remains.

There are only three amputations left, and they are in a very fair way, they will need dressing for a week or two more, and some physic and lotions written on a sheet with their times.

Cosmetics and lotions no longer appeared on the list of any herbalist's priorities.

Her creamy skin bore just a trace of gilt from a summer's work and travel she was vain of her ivory complexion, employing hats and various lotions to keep it from going to leather as farmers' skin did.

It wasn't as elaborate as the one at home at Winding Circle, but there were still plenty of lotions, balms, teas, and syrups, some of them his, some Rosethorn's.