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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lorette \Lo`rette"\, n. [F.] In France, a name for a woman who is supported by her lovers, and devotes herself to idleness, show, and pleasure; -- so called from the church of Notre Dame de Lorette, in Paris, near which many of them resided.


n. (context dated English) A woman of low morals, especially associated with the (w Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, Paris Notre-Dame-de-Lorette) district of Paris.


Lorette may refer to the following places:

  • Lorette, Loire, a commune in the Loire department, France
  • Lorette, Manitoba, a community in Manitoba, Canada
  • Loreto, Marche, a hill town and commune in Ancona, Italy, called Lorette in French

Lorette is also used to describe:

  • Pommes de terre Lorette, a fried potato dish from French cuisine.

Usage examples of "lorette".

If I said Pontoise or Saint-Germain, or Notre Dame de Lorette or Saint Jacques of Compostella, would you be any the wiser?

Of these red allies there were several hundred: Abenakis and Algonquins from Sillery, Hurons from Lorette, and converted Iroquois from the Jesuit mission of Saut St.

All the mission Indians in the colony were invited to join it, the Iroquois of the Saut and Mountain, Abenakis from the Chaudiere, Hurons from Lorette, and Algonquins from Three Rivers.

He had undertaken the examination of the marriage-registers in all the parishes of Paris, and, as early as the following week, he discovered at Notre Dame des Lorettes the entry of the marriage of Euphrasie Taponnet with Frederic de Thaller.

Because it is a horrible thing to have to say to say to day but one dilalah, Lupita Lorette, shortly after in a fit of the unexpectednesses drank carbolic with all her dear placid life before her and paled off while the other soiled dove that's her sister-in-love, Luperca Latouche, finding one day while dodging chores that she stripped teasily for binocular man and that her jambs were jimpjoyed to see each other, the nautchy girly soon found her fruitful hat too small for her and rapidly taking time,look,she rapidly took to necking, partying and selling her spare favours in the haymow or in lumber closets or in the greenawn ad huck (there are certain intimacies in all ladies' lavastories we just lease to imagination) or in the sweet churchyard .