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Crossword clues for lopsidedness


n. The state or property of being lopsided.


n. an oblique or slanting asymmetry [syn: skewness]

Usage examples of "lopsidedness".

It had to be uttered once in a life, to adjust the lopsidedness of the world.

He thought he could see a shifting in her face, a curious lopsidedness, and the iris of her left eye seemed to loll into the corner of the white.

The hands seek to hide the genitals but, as she seems to realize, the breasts are on view, and the expression on the face underscores the lopsidedness of the contest: naked bodies are vulnerable, cannot adequately shield themselves from harm or invading eyes.

The Earth having been demolished to make way for a new hyperspace bypass meant that this view of things was a little lopsided, but Arthur tended to cling to that lopsidedness as being his last remaining contact with his home.

He grabbed hold of a bar, gave it a shake, but, despite its lopsidedness, the fence was solid.

If any one aspect is out of sync with the others, if one becomes overpowering or dominant, the result is an imbalance, a lopsidedness, a warping of the person.

What Wells failed to grasp is that man’s intelligence has resulted in a certain lopsidedness, a narrow obsessiveness that makes us calculating and ruthless.