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Lopatin may refer to:

  • Lopatin (surname)
  • Mount Lopatin, a mountain in Antarctica
  • Ford & Lopatin, an American electronic music duo
Lopatin (surname)

Lopatin (, from lopata meaning spade) is a Russian male surname. Its feminine counterpart is Lopatina. It may refer to

  • Aleksei Lopatin (born 1985), Russian association football player
  • Anton Lopatin (1897–1965), Soviet military officer during World War II
  • Asher Lopatin (born 1964), American rabbi
  • German Lopatin (1845–1918), Russian revolutionary
  • Leo Mikhailovich Lopatin (1855–1920), Russian philosopher
  • Sergey Lopatin (disambiguation)
  • Vladimir Lopatin (born 1931), Soviet Olympic swimmer
  • Yevgeny Lopatin (1917–2011), Soviet weightlifter
  • Viktoria Lopatina (born 1981), Belarusian cross-country skier