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LMC (British band)

LMC are a British dance group consisting of producers, Lee Monteverde, Matt Cadman and Cris Nuttall. They have performed remixes for Scooter, Erasure, Dannii Minogue, Lasgo, Flip & Fill, Robert Palmer and Shania Twain. LMC is best known for the track " Take Me to the Clouds Above" which featured a sample from " How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston, and " With or Without You" by U2 which topped the UK Singles Chart in early 2004, as well as going top 5 in Ireland and top 10 in Australia.


LMC may refer to:


  • Logan Machine Company, a snowcat manufacturer
  • Licensed Motor Carrier, serving a seaport, generally the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, but also the Port of Oakland.<Driver-LMC Relationships in Port Drayage: Effects on Efficiency, Innovation, and Rates With Special Attention to Shippers Transport Express

Marin Economic Consulting August 14, 2014 Written by: Jon D. Haveman, Ph.D.>

Entertainment and culture:

  • LMC (British band), an English dance group
  • London Musicians Collective, a UK charity for the promotion of experimental music
  • LM.C, a Japanese rock band

Society and organisation:

  • Lok Ma Chau Station, a railway station in Hong Kong
  • Latur Municipal Corporation
  • Lake Michigan Conference (Michigan), a high school athletic conference
  • Lake Michigan Catholic High School, Michigan, U.S.
  • School of Literature, Media, and Communication, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
  • Local Medical Committee, a UK statutory organisation representing general medical practitioners
  • London Muslim Centre
  • Lon Morris College
  • Los Medanos College
  • Laboratory of Mathematical Chemistry, Burgas, BULGARIA

Science and engineering:

  • Large Magellanic Cloud, a galaxy
  • Lateral motor column neuron
  • Little man computer, an instructional model of a computer
  • Least material condition in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
  • Local mate competition, a mechanism that affects sex allocation in evolutionary biology