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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ For a start, it's a live-in position.
▪ Neither daughter can take care of their father, and he rejected the idea of a live-in nurse.
▪ Only 3 percent report using baby-sitters in their homes, a tiny percentage of which are live-in nannies.
▪ She met her live-in boyfriend on-line.
▪ We have a live-in nanny and she is technically on duty from the time we leave the house.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"residing on the premises," 1950, from live (v.) + in. Lived-in "inhabited, occupied" is first recorded 1873.


a. Living on the premises, usually of a household employee.


Live-In is an American sitcom that aired on CBS from March 20, 1989 to May 29, 1989. The series stars Australian actress Lisa Patrick and was described as an updated version of Nanny and the Professor.

Usage examples of "live-in".

Grady suggested, beginning to understand why Archie Peevers thought he needed a live-in bodyguard and general snoop.

There was also a live-in maid, a twenty-six-year-old Irish immigrant named Bridget Sullivan, who had been with the family for more than two years.

It would be nice if intimidating size wasn't one of the major factors in a male alumni getting offered the male live-in Staff job here, but there you go.

Crazy John burglarized a bowling alley and woke up a live-in handyman named Roger Alan Mosser.

In a year and a half of dating, they had never quite gotten to the decision to live together, but between Kelly's brittle emotional defensiveness and her bold sexual openness, that relationship came to take up as much space and energy as his friends' live-in relationships seemed to.

From the point of view of admittedly privileged white male technocrats such as Randy Waterhouse and his ancestors, the Palouse was like one big live-in laboratory for nonlinear aerodynamics and chaos theory.

Martha Laurens was to me no more than a name that caused a bloom of heat beneath the ice of my soul, and Joan Gwynne was an attractive, personable woman, given on occasion to spells of flat affect, who, according to other of my business associates, hadfollowing our brief flingseen the light of the White Goddess and was now an avowed lesbian with a live-in lover.

Kay pointed out that Lily needed something more than a live-in arrangement with a boyfriend to convince the court she wouldn't jump bail.

Not surprisingly, this endorsement stood him in good stead with his live-in companion, a religious/sexual fanatic named Kinta, whose view of human life centered on the idea that you'd better damned well be doing something sexual every single waking moment of your life, or else you were in big trouble.

He booted up his PC, and while his live-in lover prodded the lamb roast with a long steel fork, he checked his Email.

Marci's current live-in boyfriend was a guy named Brick, a big, muscle-bound oaf whom none of the other three liked.

The woman's got a live-in boyfriend, in this case, as everyone seemed to know, an ex-con.

In the past her useless live-in boyfriend, Tony, had guarded her, but to the great relief of the Donovans, Faith recently had rubbed the fairy dust out of her eyes and dumped him.

They'd remained good friends even after Rickie introduced her to his live-in boyfriend.

Her live-in boyfriend's truck was in the impoundment lot, the fourth time in as many months.