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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
lined paper (=printed with horizontal lines, for writing)
▪ a note written on lined paper
wrinkled/lined (=with a lot of small lines, especially because of old age)
▪ His wrinkled face must once have been handsome.
▪ Nurse was a thin woman with a lined face and watery blue eyes.
▪ The same narrow, lined face, the same grey eyes, the same grey hair with the same permanent wave.
▪ The scribe was dressed in the white garb of mourning, and his lined face looked worn.
▪ Traces of his old personality remained in the lined face.
▪ The ancient grey flannels and shirt, the battered panama, the lined face ... there was nothing feminine there at all.
▪ Ajayi looked slowly up at her companion, her old lined face gradually contorting into a smile.
▪ cashmere-lined gloves
▪ Heat loss through any window can be substantially reduced by using curtains which are lined.
▪ Pink-browns or lightly frosted tones are flattering for older women or anyone with a lined mouth.
▪ The lined paper allows for clear writing; make sure that all letters are the same height as the narrow lines.
▪ The same narrow, lined face, the same grey eyes, the same grey hair with the same permanent wave.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

lined \lined\ adj.

  1. furnished with items in a line or as if in a line.

    Note: Often used in hyphenated form, prefixed by the item arranged in a line; as, tree-lined streets.

  2. having visible lines; -- used especially of skin; as, their lined faces were immeasurably sad. Contrasted to smooth.

    Syn: furrowed, seamed.

  3. having a lining or a liner; often used in combination; as, a lined skirt; a silk-lined jacket. Opposite of unlined.


bordered \bor"dered\ adj. having a border especially of a specified kind; sometimes used as a combining term; as, black-bordered handkerchief. Antonym of unbordered. [Narrower terms: boxed; deckled, deckle-edged, featheredged; lined; seagirt, sea-girt] Also See: finite.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"having a lining or backing" (of some other material), mid-15c., from past participle of line (v.1); meaning "marked with lines" is from 1776, from past participle of line (v.2).

  1. 1 Having a lining, an inner layer or covering. 2 (context of paper English) Having lines, ruled. 3 (context of skin English) Having visible lines or wrinkles. v

  2. (en-past of: line)

  1. adj. bordered by a line of things; "tree lined streets"

  2. (used especially of skin) marked by lines or seams; "their lined faces were immeasurably sad"; "a seamed face" [syn: seamed]

  3. having a lining or liner or a liner; often used in combination; "a lined skirt"; "a silk-lined jacket" [ant: unlined]


Usage examples of "lined".

The seventeen doomed men were offered a meal and an opportunity to speak with a priest before they were lined up along an adobe wall and shot.

Red Indian chief in full war- paint, the lined lips compressed to a thread, eyes wrinkled, nostrils aflare, and the whole face lit by so naked a passion of hate that I started.

Finally, his F-14 was lined up on catapult one, the deck sailors attaching the catapult to the nose gear Collins checked his instruments, the twin turbines purring aft, waiting to be kicked into full thrust.

Reaching the atrium, Wethis led Alec into a long gallery lined with statuary of every size and description.

But for anyone walking through streets lined with poinciana, allamanda, frangipani, and coconut palms, or along the most picturesque of waterfronts with its turtle tanks, pelicans, cormorants, and twenty-thousand-dollar boats, death would have seemed a very distant prospect.

Not the least curious part of this outcrop is the black thread of iron silicate which, broken in places, subtends it to the east: some specimens have geodes yielding brown powder, and venal cavities lined with botryoidal quartz of amethystine tinge.

The banks were lined with flowering peach, and chiching trees with violet flowers growing directly from the trunks and branches, and behind them was a shady bamboo grove, and then the pear trees, and then a thousand apricot trees that were flaming with a million scarlet blossoms.

Thick hedges of green briars, interspersed with acacia and wild apricot trees, lined the four canals that still divided the city into quarters.

The royal audience chamber is to be apsidal, lined with benches in elegant contemporary woods.

In the shadow of the El Arish mosque, they lined up about sixty unarmed Egyptian prisoners, hands tied behind their backs, and then opened fire with machine guns until the pale desert sand turned red.

This was Pere Beret, grizzly, short, compact, his face deeply lined, his mouth decidedly aslant on account of some lost teeth, and his eyes set deep under gray, shaggy brows.

There every one shook hands with him, bidding him at once God-speed and farewell, while the soldiers lined the ramparts, and as he emerged from the gates saluted him with a rousing British cheer.

After an early breakfast, the 505th lined up to draw ammunition and field rations, along with atabrine pills to prevent malaria, pills to purify water, and anti-fatigue pills.

In silence, the boys left the northern end of the alley and turned east on Auer Avenue, not an avenue at all but merely another residential street lined with houses and parked cars.

Captain Bazan Deralta had an old, lined face with tufted eyebrows and a pinched nose set above a firm mouth and prominent jaw.