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limited edition
▪ A limited edition of 1,000 white on pale blue Jasper 8-inch plates, featuring the Home Office seal, were produced.
▪ Collectors have gone straight for the breakfast aisle since cereal companies started featuring sports celebrities on limited edition boxes.
▪ He also traded some one in Baltimore for a limited edition Cal Ripkin box commemorating his record 2, 131 consecutive games played.
▪ No, mass-produced reproductions - as distinct from limited edition - prints seldom if ever rise in value.
▪ There was considerable interest in three limited edition prints by Russell Flint when they came up at Bloomfield auctions.
▪ Three which weren't securely fastened include the stunning limited edition Ovation 1992 electro-acoustic with its great sound and gorgeous top.
limited edition

n. an edition that is restricted to a specific number of copies

Limited Edition (Magic: The Gathering)

Magic: The Gathering Limited Edition is the first Magic: The Gathering card set. It premiered in a limited release at Origins Game Fair in 1993, with a general release that August. The initial print run of 2.6 million cards sold out quickly, and a new printing run was released in October 1993. These two runs are known as Limited Edition Alpha and Limited Edition Beta, or just Alpha and Beta for short. Although Alpha and Beta are referred to as different sets by some, officially they are the same set; Wizards of the Coast had expected that people wouldn't necessarily be able to tell the two press runs apart. Beta fixed a number of misprints and errors on cards. The printer accidentally used different corner rounding dies for the second run, resulting in Alpha cards being noticeably distinct in shape and appearance from Beta cards and all subsequent cards. The Beta printing also included a revised rulebook with a number of clarifications, although creator Richard Garfield's short fiction "Worzel's Tale" was removed to make room. The print run of Beta is given as 7.3 million or 7.8 million depending on the source. Despite the set's print run being about three times as big as Alpha's, Beta sold out as quickly as its predecessor.

Limited Edition cards have no expansion symbol, no copyright date, and no trademark symbols; the text on the bottom left consists only of an artist credit.

Limited Edition (Yolandita Monge album)

Limited Edition is a remix album by Puerto Rican singer Yolandita Monge and the first ever remix album by any Latin performer.

It was produced and remixed by internationally known DJ - Producer Pablo Flores along with partner, Grammy winning engineer Javier Garza The album includes the new Megamix and previous remixes from the Maxi Singles Por Tí, Fuiste Un Sueño and No Me Acostumbro.

The cover is a new color painted photo from Vivencias (Yolandita Monge album) by Raúl Torres. It was released in 1991 and is currently out of print in al media formats.

Limited Edition

Limited edition or Limited editions may refer to:

  • Limited edition art print
  • Limited edition books
  • Limited edition candy
  • Special edition
Limited Edition (Benjy Davis Project EP)

Limited Edition is Benjy Davis Project's second extended play album. It was released on May 22, 2007. It contained five songs that were subsequently released on their third studio album Dust.

Limited Edition (Lewis Taylor album)

Limited Edition is a 2002 album by British neo-soul composer and multi-instrumentalist Lewis Taylor. The album was limited to 100 copies and was released at his Noble Rot gig.

Limited Edition (Sevi song)

Limited Edition is a song by the Bulgarian rock band “ Sevi” and it was the second official single with featured video of Sevi band. The song was written by Svetlana Bliznakova and Rally Velinov in 2010 and was later recorded with the band Sevi and also became part of their debut album What Lies Beyond. The song entered the rock radio charts and stayed more than 46 weeks in the top 10 of Kamenitza Rock 40 music chart on Z-Rock Radio.

Usage examples of "limited edition".

On Earth elections continued as usual and a very advanced poet published a limited edition of verse consisting entirely of punctuation marks and spaces.

It was first published in a limited edition by Kerosina Books in 1987.

The book must have been privately printed, in a very limited edition.

Originally published as a strictly limited edition in 1905 in London, this book was sold only to professional magicians who were prepared to swear an oath of secrecy about its contents.