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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a likely outcome
▪ What is the likely outcome of the election?
a likely successor
▪ Who is his most likely successor as Director of the BBC World Service?
a likely/plausible scenario
▪ The more likely scenario is that support for the group will wane.
highly unlikely/likely/improbable/probable
▪ It’s highly unlikely that the project will be finished on time.
it seems likely/unlikely/reasonable/clear (that)
▪ It seems likely that he will miss Ireland’s next match.
the most likely/probable explanation (=one that is probably true)
▪ The most likely explanation is that John missed the bus.
▪ The most probable explanation is that the water was contaminated.
the possible/likely consequences
▪ What are the likely consequences of these changes?
the potential/likely impact
▪ He’s studying the potential impact of climate change.
the probable/likely cause
▪ The probable cause of the fire was faulty wiring.
▪ It is also likely that because of past changes a growing number of women will retire with some entitlement to a state pension.
▪ It is also likely to cause instability elsewhere in the region.
▪ The rise in self-employment is also likely to increase the flexibility of earnings.
▪ It is also likely that planned economic development and rehabilitation programs will grow.
▪ There are also likely to be provisions against losses on swap deals with local councils, which may be over £50million.
▪ Construction activity and home sales are also likely to plunge because of the storm, analysts said.
▪ There is also likely to be a row over the name Deloitte, which neither party seems prepared to give up.
▪ Ethnic and linguistic factors are also likely to play a part.
▪ His life expectancy is falling and he is seven times as likely to be murdered as a white boy.
▪ We are just as likely to sack the supplier and look for a nicer one.
▪ Patients who wore them were almost twice as likely to break the habit as those who wore a dummy patch.
▪ Ten bad products are just as likely to fail as one bad product - there is no protection in numbers.
▪ He's about as likely to have sympathy for the devil as he is to have satisfaction.
▪ They're just as likely to be used against us as they are against you.
▪ And they are as likely to get worse as to get better.
▪ Generally speaking, a widower or divorced man was three times as likely to remarry as his female counterpart throughout the period.
▪ It's hardly likely that the people in charge would want to share the fate of this unfortunate planet.
▪ It is hardly likely that a vicious thug will wait politely while we ring the police.
▪ Far from being a jackpot for commuters, the compensation payouts are hardly likely to be worth the flutter.
▪ It seemed hardly likely she would go to such lengths to prevent her husband from discovering about the Grand Duke Igor.
▪ It could have been an accident, but I knew that was hardly likely, not with the file missing.
▪ They're hardly likely to have the most tolerant or liberal attitudes are they!
▪ But the Research Board is hardly likely to get involved in a policing activity.
▪ Such an accusation is hardly likely to have been invented by his enemies if he had not performed miracles.
▪ It seems highly likely that this contributes to their increased risk of infection.
▪ This sequence is not inevitable, but is highly likely to occur eventually unless adequate steps are taken to prevent it.
▪ It seems highly likely that most if not all the beer produced in Brick Lane by now was porter.
▪ Indeed, it seems highly likely that working-class families would have controlled family size through the old, rather than new, techniques.
▪ A survey will be carried out of sewage disposal systems and it is highly likely that major expenditure will be necessary.
▪ I would prefer an analogue contents display because it is more eye-catching and less likely to be misread.
▪ The possibility of oil production seems less likely.
▪ They are much less likely to be using mail order.
▪ This is a little more expensive than a normal invitation but it is less likely that it will get lost.
▪ This would make you less likely to behave like this in similar circumstances in the future.
▪ It's already known that women who take the contraceptive pill are much less likely to develop it.
▪ That is less likely, perhaps, with a more radical redesign.
▪ I would tend to favour the first method as you are less likely to let the compost get too wet.
▪ Your face will be more likely to have a dull complexion, with podgy, sagging cheeks and double chin.
▪ But it is more likely that he will not go far enough.
▪ Attention will also be given to whether pro-development objections are more likely to succeed than anti-development ones.
▪ It is more likely that the incorporation of radical ideas will contribute to their dilution and distraction.
▪ Children are more likely to be politically interested and active if their parents have been similarly interested or active.
▪ Women were more likely than men to be dependent on poor relief.
▪ On the one hand Conservative supporters seem more concerned about the outcome on Thursday and are fractionally more likely to vote.
▪ The most likely explanation for this is that the vehicle itself is not actually speeding up, but the cooling fan is!
▪ They say people who die sudden, violent deaths are most likely to become ghosts and haunt the earth.
▪ The still-married are the most likely to continue to live in their own private homes.
▪ The majority are most likely engineering managers, often managing industrial research, development, and design projects.
▪ But one might be forgiven for doubting if this is the most likely cause of the toxic side-effects of direct drilling!
▪ She identified the most likely candidate as Leach, who, she said, had agreed to accept her nomination.
▪ The most likely tributary area is the Lasithi plain.
▪ Flu is most likely to affect you in the autumn and winter, e.g. from October to March.
▪ And it's quite likely that we never will.
▪ However, it is quite likely that the alienated student will refuse to do much schoolwork.
▪ Then the hrududu is quite likely to crush you.
▪ At work you are quite likely to have to follow a house style.
▪ Absurd though it may seem, it is quite likely that Mr Honecker and his companions genuinely believe all this.
▪ It is quite likely that you not only have no experience of regression therapy but have never even been hypnotized before.
▪ This is quite likely to be X - hence our mixture of compounds.
▪ Relieved of this burden, quite likely things improved to some extent.
▪ It is very likely that since the calf injury the strength of the muscles will have deteriorated considerably.
▪ That makes it very likely that a weak compromise selection will be made.
▪ Some of the houses were very likely in poor condition.
▪ I was only on the waiting list anyway and it wasn't very likely that four people would drop out.
▪ But a child chewing one of these Castor beans would very likely die.
▪ It wasn't very likely that he was going to want to get involved again, was it?
▪ It is very likely to over-react, however, and introduce formal procedures that swing the pendulum too far the other way.
▪ Various experiments done in volcanic environments have shown that proteinoid globules are very likely to form in such regions.
▪ The police kept up their enquiries and one or two likely candidates rose to the surface, but nothing was clearly actionable.
▪ In retrospect, however, it is clear that there were always good reasons why this city was a likely candidate.
▪ Actor David Jason is a likely candidate for one of these.
▪ Even the least likely candidate for a career in dance knew that Truitte was available after class for talk about the field.
▪ Three likely candidates for study are the comets Enke, Tempel 2 and Honday-Mrkos-Pajdusakova.
▪ She identified the most likely candidate as Leach, who, she said, had agreed to accept her nomination.
▪ With the United States running a current account deficit of staggering dimensions, the most likely candidate is not hard to spot.
▪ Thames, North West and Severn Trent are the most likely candidates.
▪ As to likely causes, the out-of-round wheels phenomenon looks feasible.
▪ Hypokalemia is usually associated with this condition and is a more likely cause of the arrhythmias.
▪ But one might be forgiven for doubting if this is the most likely cause of the toxic side-effects of direct drilling!
▪ Flying experts again reckoned a cockpit mistake was the most likely cause of yesterday's catastrophe.
▪ And if I insisted he came with me, he'd likely cause trouble, just as he said.
▪ A spokesman for Greenpeace said that industrial pollution appeared to be the most likely cause.
▪ What do you think is the most likely cause of your symptoms?
▪ Given that the doctor has ruled out infection and other likely causes for the diarrhoea, then food sensitivity should be considered.
▪ It is most important that the patient considers the likely consequences of different ways of trying to achieve goals.
▪ They are like charts which allow predictions to be made about the likely consequences of taking different courses of action.
▪ The process leading up to this and its likely consequences for teaching are discussed in detail in the article by Walsh.
▪ Soviet television crews were taken to the site, telegenic Soviet doctors were produced to discuss the likely consequences.
▪ In the absence of systematic research on these questions one can only speculate on the likely consequences of changes in employment practices.
▪ Next, you have to consider the options open to you and their likely consequences.
▪ What would be the likely consequences of specific changes in the current set of fiscal measures affecting forestry?
▪ An assessment of the likely consequences for Britain if Congress rejected the loan makes interesting reading.
▪ Running was the most likely explanation.
▪ I had suggested some new tropical disease was a far more likely explanation.
▪ The most likely explanation for this is that the vehicle itself is not actually speeding up, but the cooling fan is!
▪ These relaxations are a more likely explanation for oesophagopharyngeal reflux than defective basal upper oesophageal sphincter tone.
▪ The most likely explanation seems to be that stroking makes leaf tissues tougher.
▪ The more likely explanation is that she was pressurising him to leave your daughter to marry her.
▪ The most likely explanation was her offer to buy him dinner in return for the loan of the flat.
▪ Here she is assessing the likely outcome of a confrontation with her local council.
▪ The most likely outcome will be that Rep.
▪ In this way, individual operations can be shaped to be realistic rather than at odds with the likely outcome.
▪ An evaluation can also indicate with some authority what are likely outcomes or consequences of recommended revisions.
▪ Five out of six opinion polls yesterday showed Labour in the lead, pointing to a hung Parliament as the most likely outcome.
▪ Higher education was reinforcing likely outcomes instead of altering them.
▪ But what of the fourth situation which is actually the most likely outcome?
▪ However, the granting of bail is the most likely outcome.
more than happy/welcome/likely etc
▪ And as to the finish, well, they'd be more than happy for you to check the results for yourself.
▪ For the most part, gallery staffers are more than happy to answer questions and discuss artists.
▪ If the leader is open, receptive, and responsive to you, the others will more than likely follow suit.
▪ If this is not possible, then most printers are more than happy to visit enquirers.
▪ The accident, as it turns out, was a broken mirror and more than likely a shortage of time.
▪ The Cap'n had been to Jarman House once ... would be coming again more than likely.
▪ They spend the time getting space for some new person who more than likely will leave.
▪ We trooped along and he more than likely brought his mate John Grey along with him.
▪ a list of likely candidates
▪ A peace settlement now seems likely.
▪ It is likely that the girl knew her killer.
▪ Showers and thunderstorms are likely in the afternoon.
▪ The jury is very likely to believe he was in the apartment at the time of the crime.
▪ The most likely result is a win for the Democrats.
▪ The price of petrol is likely to rise again this year.
▪ At least some of the extra cost of stockholding is likely to be passed on to the caterer.
▪ But if the past points the way to the future, then a healthy and prosperous adulthood seems more than likely.
▪ But they are likely to be of greater strategic than employment significance, and there will be losses.
▪ More experiments on more lymphoma-bearing mice followed, and the doses likely to achieve the best effect were assessed with great care.
▪ Regular travellers committed to such programmes are likely to choose hotels providing appropriate health and fitness facilities.
▪ If Cadbury buys Orangina, as appears likely, its position will be further enhanced.
▪ Republicans appeared likely to gain a slightly larger majority in the Senate.
▪ Even with Raimond van der Gouw quick to narrow the angle a goal appeared likely.
▪ While it appeared likely the abortion clinic was the target, authorities would not rule out the possibility of other motives.
▪ But the presence of six other candidates appeared likely to prevent either Bulatovic or Djukanovic from getting a majority.
▪ The standoff over appointments and confirmations appears likely to deepen as the backlog grows.
▪ But some pockets of increased activity appear likely to emerge.
▪ While the House vote likely will be close, the Senate appears likely to agree with Clinton.
▪ But it seems likely to proceed.
▪ It seemed likely to me that Oliver Ingraham wanted me to know there had been a better time for him.
▪ A renewed onslaught against the mutuals seems likely, which could bring windfalls for millions of borrowers, savers and policyholders.
▪ The bill was approved 64-32 by the Senate on Wednesday, and approval seems likely in the House by early March.
▪ It seems likely that two separate parties will emerge in its place.
▪ But this quadrant of Chelsea, more compact and closer to midtown, seems likely to develop more quickly.
▪ George Bush's administration has not shown such a determination, and it does not seem likely to do so.
▪ The error involved seems likely to be small relative to other uncertain-ties noted and, if so, is not serious.
▪ Firms that lack the time or resources to develop their own screening procedures will likely turn to personnel firms.
▪ Five points, which equates to 14 wins, likely will be enough for the conference title. 1.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Likely \Like"ly\, a. [Compar. Likelier (l[imac]k"l[i^]*[~e]r); superl. Likeliest.] [That is, like-like. See Like, a.]

  1. Worthy of belief; probable; credible; as, a likely story.

    It seems likely that he was in hope of being busy and conspicuous.

  2. Having probability; having or giving reason to expect; -- followed by the infinitive; as, it is likely to rain.

  3. Similar; like; alike. [Obs.]

  4. Such as suits; good-looking; pleasing; agreeable; handsome.

  5. Having such qualities as make success probable; well adapted to the place; promising; as, a likely young man; a likely servant.

  6. Improbable; unlikely; -- used ironically; as, a likely story. [informal]


Likely \Like"ly\, adv. In all probability; probably.

While man was innocent he was likely ignorant of nothing that imported him to know.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, perhaps from Old Norse likligr "likely," from likr "like" (see like (adj.)). Old English had cognate geliclic. Meaning "having the appearance of being strong and capable" is from mid-15c., though now mostly confined to American English; according to OED this sense is perhaps influenced by like (v.). Sense of "good-looking" is from late 15c. Meaning "probably" is attested from late 14c., now principally in American English.\n\nLIKELY. That may be liked; that may please; handsome. In the United States, as a colloquial term, respectable; worthy of esteem; sensible.


\nAs an adverb, late 14c., from the adjective.

a. 1 probable; having a greater-than-even chance of occurring 2 probable adv. 1 (context obsolete English) similarly. 2 probably. n. Something or somebody considered likely.

  1. adj. has a good chance of being the case or of coming about; "these services are likely to be available to us all before long"; "she is likely to forget"; "a likely place for a restaurant"; "the broken limb is likely to fall"; "rain is likely"; "a likely topic for investigation"; "likely candidates for the job" [ant: unlikely]

  2. likely but not certain to be or become true or real; "a likely result"; "he foresaw a probable loss" [syn: probable, plausible] [ant: improbable]

  3. expected to become or be; in prospect; "potential clients"; "expected income" [syn: expected, potential]

  4. within the realm of credibility; "not a very likely excuse"; "a plausible story" [syn: plausible]

  5. adv. with considerable certainty; without much doubt; "He is probably out of the country"; "in all likelihood we are headed for war" [syn: probably, in all likelihood, in all probability, belike]


Likely may refer to:

  • Likely, British Columbia, Canada, a community
  • Likely, California, United States, a census-designated place
  • Likely McBrien (1892-1956), leading Australian rules football administrator in the Victorian Football League

Usage examples of "likely".

It seems likely that Raeder took this step largely because he wanted to anticipate any sudden aberration of his unpredictable Leader.

Indeed, it is more than likely that the first person to be suspended from the beams in the cellar of 25 Cromwell Street and sexually abused was Rosemary West herself, and that she and her husband then decided to subject other people to the experience.

It seems likely that she, too, was mercilessly abused just as her predecessors had been abused, with the addition of new and even more horrifying variations.

It is not likely, and if I had acquainted you with the truth, you might have refused your consent, and perhaps you would have been right.

I can assure you that the friend, to whom we will give a spectacle worthy of Paphos and Amathos, shall see or hear nothing likely to make him suppose that I am acquainted with his secret.

She did not like to tell the noble canon, and thinking that I was more likely to be acquainted with such emergencies she came up to me and told me all.

But it seems likely that such a plan of private ownership would not be tolerated under a Socialist government, for, first of all, a very large number of Socialists are opposed to such a plan, and, secondly, the political actionists who have favored it either have sacrificed thereby the principles of their party, or else by advocating the private ownership of small farms, have done so with the intention of deceiving farmers and small land owners in order to win their votes.

We are least likely in the modifications of these organs to mistake a merely adaptive for an essential character.

I dare say if those letters had ever reached their addressees, some of them would have been every bit as astonished as Lubov was and just about as likely to welcome their assignments.

In some manner that I do not claim to understand, admitting this water to your bellies permits Xaefyer and other males to determine if you are queenly candidates -- not that it is likely soon to do you any good.

Besides, if he ever deigned to give a thought to me, Versilov was most likely expecting a young boy just out of high school, still a mere adolescent, gaping at the world in wide-eyed wonderment.

You will likely use institutional messages when your advertising appears in a noncommercial medium such as a theater playbill or a program for a charitable event.

But when things went wrong Back Aft, Vaughn was as likely to raise his voice, a stern frown clouding his face, preaching to his officers and men, sometimes even lecturing broken equipment.

Bridge was to the Agami lords, it was likely more plain than Minch was used to.

There is no question that the world would be better off if Saddam did not have these weapons, but the danger is considerably less than if Saddam were allowed to acquire nuclear weapons, which he believes will deter the United States and Israel and thereby would encourage him to engage in the kind of foreign aggression that would be likely to provoke a nuclear crisis.