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life sciences

n. (life science English)

Life Sciences (journal)

Life Sciences is a weekly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering research on the molecular, cellular, and physiological mechanisms of pharmacotherapy.

Indexed by ISI Life Sciences received an impact factor of 2.702 as reported in the 2014 Journal Citation Reports by Thomson Reuters, ranking it 53rd out of 123 journals in the category Medicine, research & experimental and ranking it 103rd out of 254 journals in the category "Pharmacology & Pharmacy".

The current Editor in Chief is Loren E. Wold

Usage examples of "life sciences".

This is the general area of the natural and ecological sciences, the life sciences, the systems sciences, and we will explore each of them carefully.

He and Dolores had been at Hunt College together, in physics and the life sciences.

Hunt would become Deputy Director of the new organization, and Danchekker, fired by the vision of unlimited access to scores of alien worlds each with its own alien biology and alien evolution, accepted an offer to go too as Director of Alien Life Sciences.

Sandy Holmes took the call in Danchekker's lab over in Alien Life Sciences.

Whether we grow specialized animals to serve us or develop household robots depends in part on the uneven race between the life sciences and the physical sciences.

I think that a director of life sciences should be breaking new ground in the field, don’.

It is too early to speculate about effects on the life sciences, but we exist inside this physical world and gravitation is the most pervasive feature of our world.

An attempt had been made to blend the formed concrete of the new Life Sciences Complex in with the older, limestone structures of the university, but it hadn't been entirely successful.

Burke, the head of the Life Sciences Department-well, you know who Dr.

He'd served as a guinea pig for the life sciences boys, and he'd crawled in and out of hatches and down ladders to sandpits stained red like Mars dust.

He'd struggled through life sciences, biology being the one course that had deprived him of a four-point grade average in undergraduate school.