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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The general interior layout is magnificent, but later alterations have made the decoration of a lower standard.
▪ These two famous examples in Rome illustrate the general layout of the extensive type of baths.
▪ Figure 2 shows the general layout at Oxford United.
▪ Figure 5 shows a general completed layout for a business letter.
▪ An Army photographer then moves in to take a picture of the new room layout.
▪ The new layout and office furniture worked like magic.
▪ When the second car, 762 was rebuilt, a new layout with separate entrance and exit was included.
▪ It was not just the new layout of wide avenues and boulevards, the greenery, the light and the air.
▪ A new form of layout can not, without more, be said to be capable of industrial application.
▪ Only after a period of observation of the new layout in use was it confirmed by rebuilding with permanent structures.
▪ Showing the new three-track layout with a Fleetwood car on the siding and a blue-car leaving for Lytham.
▪ The bright new layout of the Wexford shop is a fare-runner of what every branch nationwide will look like in due course.
▪ Their physical layout and time scheduling are similar.
▪ How, the owners asked, could they move traffic faster without changing the physical layout of the garage?
▪ It also examines the influence on family behaviour of the physical layout of houses and flats.
▪ This includes things like departmental boundaries, activity types, physical or geographical layout and product types.
▪ The most misused of these is page makeup or page layout software while the second is just described as desktop publishing software.
▪ A brief discussion of how to control the page layout and how to avoid widow and orphan line is provided below.
▪ Its basic approach is to use frames to hold the various elements of a page layout.
▪ Fortunately, WordPerfect will do most of the page layout work for you-it calculates the appropriate sizes of columns and margins.
▪ The page layout software and the laser printer make the big difference compared with traditional methods.
▪ Lineup table a table with an illuminated top used for preparing and checking alignment of page layouts and paste-ups.
▪ No attempt is made to hyphenate, justify or show the final page layout.
▪ Try to be consistent about page layout within a Web site.
▪ Here we have to turn to developments in design practice, road layout and housing.
▪ The parish council were not altogether happy with the road layout around the new pelican crossing, Mr. Hobbs reported.
▪ The former category included information about road layout, traffic control devices, vehicles, and people.
▪ No attempt is made to hyphenate, justify or show the final page layout.
▪ They are given the induction pack and are taken round the home and shown the layout.
▪ The plan shows the original layout.
▪ The structure can be further clarified by using headings and the layout of the document.
▪ Clipped yew and holly are used to separate the layout, while flower-beds flank the lawn.
▪ The 2-bit shift register may be constructed using the Plugblock layout shown in Fig. 19.
▪ The clocked S-R bistable can be built using the Plugblock layout shown in Fig. 9.
▪ There are many aspects which can be considered using this layout.
▪ a computer program to help you design page layout
▪ He was one of the architects who planned the layout of the hospital.
▪ Many of the golfers complained about the course layout.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also lay-out, "configuration, arrangement," 1852, from lay (v.) + out. Meaning "rough design of a printing job" is from 1910.


n. 1 A structured arrangement of items within certain limit#Nouns. 2 A plan for such arrangement. 3 The act of lay out something. 4 (context publishing English) The process of arranging editorial content, advertising, graphics and other information to fit within certain constraints. 5 (context engineering English) A map or a drawing of a construction site showing the position of roads, buildings or other constructions. 6 (context electronics English) A specification of an integrated circuit showing the position of the physical components that will implement the schematic in silicon.

  1. n. a plan or design of something that is laid out

  2. the act of laying out (as by making plans for something)


Layout may refer to:

  • Page layout, the arrangement of visual elements on a page
    • Comprehensive layout (comp), a proposed page layout presented by a designer to their client
  • Layout (computing), the process of calculating the position of objects in space
  • Layout engine, another name for web browser engine, the core software that displays content in a web browser
  • Automobile layout, a description of the locations of the engine and drive wheels on a vehicle
  • Integrated circuit layout, the representation of an integrated circuit in geometric shapes
  • Keyboard layout, an arrangement of the keys on a typographic keyboard
  • Model railroad layout, a diorama with tracks for operating scaled-down trains
  • Layout or marking out, the transfer of a design onto a workpiece in manufacturing
  • Plant layout study, an engineering study to analyze physical configurations for a manufacturing plant
  • Layout, a specific version of the splits, a position in which the legs are extended in opposite directions
  • Process layout, a floor plan of a plant that arranges equipment according to its function
  • Product layout, a floor plan of a plant in which work stations and equipment are ordered by assembly sequence
Layout (computing)

In computing, layout is the process of calculating the position of objects in space subject to various constraints. This functionality can be part of an application or packaged as a reusable component or library.

Page layout is the computation of the position of the paragraphs, tabs, sentences, words and letters of a text. This is done by desktop publishing software, typesetting software and web browser engines. These in turn include font layout and rendering engines, that calculate the correct position of glyphs, which can be a challenge with complex scripts. Images can also be embedded in the text.

Another form of layout is found in layout managers. They are part of widget toolkits and have the ability to automatically calculate a widget's position based on alignment constraints without the need for the programmer to specify absolute coordinates.

Graph drawing software automatically determine the position of the vertexes and edges of a graph with various goals like minimization of the number of edge intersections, minimization of total area or production of an aesthetically pleasing result. This type of software is used for multiple purposes including visualization and as part of electronic design automation tools for the place and route step.

Usage examples of "layout".

Whoever Adler was, he knew the layout of Bouddica, and he knew how the facility operated.

But the Ryoanji garden, consisting solely of rocks and sand, is so extremely severe in layout that it seems to be an ultimate visual depiction of the medieval aesthetics of the withered, cold, and lonely.

Capsules B, C, and D, the lower spheres, were split into four decks apiece, with the two middle levels following a basic layout of cabins, a lounge, galley, and bathroom.

Conway and Caernarvon, remain in their ruined layouts today, as examples of fortresses integrated with fortified towns.

Troy said, and looked over a short crate to get a layout of the cultist locations.

Although her dormitory accommodations and the main room at the Hohokam were similar in size, shape, and layout, there were definite differences.

About the only thing that had kept the lid on was that the layout of the hubs included managed truck farms that produced an adequate supply of food for the population.

Half an hour earlier he had watched Modesty and then Willie as they performed tricks with the kite - toe hangs and knee hangs, 360 degree turns, and dramatic free layouts in which 104 the kiter hung horizontally below the bar without touching it, suspended only by the harness.

Later in the day he would check out the Nervi lab, eyeball the layout and more obvious security measures, but right now he wanted to go where he figured Lily Mansfield was most likely to be.

The demonic presences--okay, the extraterrestrial sapient fast-thinkers on the other side--try to grab control over the proprioceptive nerves they can sense the layout of on the other side of the grid.

There was certainly more similarity here to the ducts at home than there was in the layouts of Alfing and Geo Quads proper.

There was certainly more similarity here to the ducts at home than there was in the layouts of Ailing and Geo Quads proper.

If they could land out of direct sight, Tom Pomautuk knew the layout of the station well enough to possibly get them into one of the exterior ventilation shafts that brought fresh air down to the buried station.

I do not consider that it would be necessary for Lord Woolton, who is concerned with the general layout of policy over the whole field of reconstruction, to involve himself in these details.

On three hills rising on the promontory that overlooked the sea rose the remains of a great city, now vandalized and tumbled into a shambles that nevertheless left those who approached it gaping in wonder at the columns and archways, the broken aqueducts and fallen walls, the intricate layout of a grand city that had once ruled the Middle Sea.