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n. (plural of lawsuit English)

Usage examples of "lawsuits".

You sign them up, we pay the money, everything is wrapped up quickly, quietly, with no lawsuits, no publicity, not the slightest fingerprint anywhere.

The company and its insurers had plenty of cash to cover these lawsuits, and so it was up to those in the room to hustle on out there and find the rest of the cases.

Loose tongues lose lawsuits, French had warned him, and with such an untested staff it was best to keep them in the dark.

Chamber of Commerce, who railed against lawsuits in general and trial lawyers in particular.

Allegations in lawsuits are famously off the mark, but these sounded accurate.

As fiery as he was about big lawsuits, it was obvious to Clay that Patton had no enthusiasm for the scenario he had just laid out.

Six lawsuits had been filed against Clay, all by the same attorney who was actively soliciting more.

After Clay retained him, Crittle showed him the books, the leases, the contracts, the lawsuits, the assets, and the liabilities.

Brushing off the threat of lawsuits, the commissioners giddily pressed ahead with the tennis extravaganza.

The idea was that just as FBI agents had played Arab sheikhs in ABSCAM, they could act the part of the defense lawyers and parties in fictitious lawsuits Feaver would file.

He passed the bar there and, inspired in part by his experiences in Petros, began trying lawsuits at the age of fifty two.

These bills look at them, these lawsuits and these lawyers and these phone calls nobody answers and nobody returns, my car gets stolen and this salary lien and now this idiotic this, this glory of Shiloh departed forever healing the wounds of past generations?

Since the plaintiff resides out of state the case will be heard in Federal district court by Judge Thomas Crease, who has already been subjected to vilification and abuse relating to lawsuits spawned by Cyclone Seven and is currently embroiled in his nomination to the U.

Lisa had an urge to excuse herself, to walk down to the beach and stroll along the shore and stare at the water and forget about lawsuits and potential custody trials and the fact that Matthew was dead, that his killer had tried to kill her, too, last night.

House and spend the rest of their days touting for juicy criminal lawsuits that benefit them but not Rome.