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Laure may refer to:

  • a French variation of the female given name Laura (given name)
  • Doxocopa laure, a brush-footed butterfly from the Genus Doxocopa commonly known as the Laure
  • the Spanish soccer player Laureano Sanabria Ruiz
  • Laure (film), a 1976 erotic movie from the Emmanuelle universe
  • Colette Peignot, a French author who is known by the pseudonym Laure.
  • Aashish Rana, Nepalese rapper and actor
Laure (Nepalese rapper)

Aashish Rana (born June 25, 1989) is a Nepalese rapper and actor popular by his stage name – Laure. He presented his rapping via a rap battle presented on YouTube which gained him popularity. He was the most searched for Nepalese celebrity on Google in the year 2013.

Laure (film)

Laure (also known as Forever Emmanuelle and Laura) is a 1976 Italian erotic film directed by Louis-Jacques Rollet-Andriane and Roberto D'Ettorre Piazzoli, even if the film was advertised as directed by Emmanuelle Arsan. The first choice for the title role was Linda Lovelace, but due to her personal problems at the time, she was first recast in the secondary role of Natalie Morgan, and eventually put out of the film. It was shot in the Philippines and in Rome.

Usage examples of "laure".

Glancing about as if those beyond the grave might see her actions and object to her use of her forbidden skills, Laure dismissed her fears then closed her eyes to summon an inner quiet.

Confused, both by the situation and his mood, Laure tried to draw back from his intense stare, from his intimidating presence, but his grip grew commanding, anchoring her hand in the crook of his arm as he turned to face the priest.

In a daze, Laure managed to nod when the ancient priest looked to her for confirmation.

Instead of voicing her concerns, Laure glanced up at him from beneath the modest sweep of her lashes.

Though aching of foot and heart, Laure kept to the relentless pace, determined not to slow him by petition.

Above the hands she lifted to catch-back that cry, Laure watched in wide-eyed horror as her husband of several hours slid to the broken pavement, a bright splash of crimson widening upon his snowy shirtfront.

Slowly, her hand quivering fearfully, Laure reached out to catch the closed overlap of his coat.

Instead of giving way to the alarm spiking through her, Laure continued with her task, refusing to look up until she had the rush of anxiety under control.

If you are wise, you will give my Laure everything she desires, and you will be careful not to make an enemy of me lest you find yourself frying in the morning light.

Having nothing else with which to occupy her time, Laure spent the better part of each day combing through the shops along Royal Street looking for bargains.

At nightfall, Laure did something unique to her month of marriage-she purposefully sought out her husband.

Mesmerized by the pull of that keen stare, Laure grew lightheaded, all shivery hot and cold at the same time.

Recovering herself with some difficulty, Laure came to the point, since idle talk seemed only to irritate him.

Laure Cristobel, now Laure Pasquale, who woke those chafing sentiments within him.

There was no harm in appreciating the attractive comforts Laure brought back into his life.