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Lapis lazuli \La"pis laz"u*li\n. (Min.) An albuminous mineral of a rich blue color; also called lapis. Same as Lazuli, which see.

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Lapis (programming language)

Lapis is an object-oriented stack-based computer language whose interpreter, in its current form, is about 50 kilobytes in size. Lapis is currently incorporated inside the tiny Scrinchy webserver.

Lapis was preceded by Sy, a stack-based computer language that was interpreted inside the Scrinchy 0.11 webserver.

Category:Stack-oriented programming languages

Lapis (disambiguation)

Lapis may refer to:

Lapis (text editor)

Lapis is an experimental web browser and text editor allowing simultaneous editing of text in multiple selections.

This ability occurs via, and is an instance of, programming by example. The multiple items to edit are selected automatically according to the example provided by the user, making this experimental feature unique to Lapis among text editors, though similar features exist in some web scrapers and data munging tools.

To create the selection, Lapis first determines the more salient properties of the items selected by the user in a process called feature generation, detects common features of the user-selected items, and then groups them to create a hypotheses for the concept that defines the selection, and then applies the generalized concept to the whole text. Lapis also features outlier detection, marking in red those items selected that have a low matching score, thus allowing users to review the automatic decisions made by the algorithm.

Lapis includes a template vocabulary to assist editing several kinds of structured languages. One such language is HTML. Lapis includes a Web browser view that allows its multiple edit feature to work on web pages in a WYSIWYG way, through automatic matching of the underlying HTML tags.

The software is programmed in various languages, mainly Java, and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), with various dependencies provided under other licenses.

Usage examples of "lapis".

From other ships he looted cargoes of lapis, pearls, amber, diamonds, rubies, carnelian, ambergris, jade, ivory, and lignum vitae.

Her eyes were smoky marbles in a bust of discolored lapis lazuli, and I regarded her at that moment as an angel of transcendent apehood, a woman well ahead of her time.

He also had carmine, vermilion, a useful tin yellow and two blues, azurite and what he claimed to be lapis which he sold us at an extortionate price.

Turquoise were the most numerous, but other stones included rose quartz, red jasper, leopard jasper, amethyst, lapis lazuli, opal, bloodstone, tiger-eye, azurite, malachite, and more beyond reckoning.

Among the booty was a set of throne-like chairs, each adorned with carvings of flowers: marigolds of topaz and crocodilite, roses of pink quartz, hyacinths of lapis lazuli, their leaves cut from chryso-prase, olivine, jade.

For each culm, my father demanded and got a number of gems of beryl or lapis lazura, of which stones this land is the chief source in all the world, and those were worth a great deal of coin indeed.

I soon found myself arrayed in lapis lazuli jazerant, cothurni, and a stephane, the whole set off by an ebony baculus and a voluminous damassin cape embroidered with rotting pearls.

Most curious were tripods, strong, pikelike legs of golden metal four feet high, holding small circles of the lapis with intaglios of one curious symbol somewhat resembling the ideographs of the Chinese.

Phade ran down the passage which presently joined Bird Walk, so called for the series of fabulous birds of lapis, gold, cinnabar, malachite and marcasite inlaid into the marble.

His body was to be embalmed in the manner favoured by the pharaohs, dressed in his magical robes, his ring of power upon his nose-picking finger, and seated upon a Persian pouffe within a pyramidal coffin of gopher wood, embellished with topaz and lapis lazuli.

Experiments on Plumbago -- Method of Preparing a New Green Colour -- Of the Decomposition of Neutral Salts by Unslaked Lime and Iron -- On the Quantity of Pure Air which is Daily Present in our Atmosphere -- On Milk and its Acid -- On the Acid of Saccharum Lactis -- On the Constituent Parts of Lapis Ponderosus or Tungsten -- Experiments and Observations on Ether -- Index.

Est ibi cumulus lapidum et unus lapis super-positus super congestum cum vestigia canis in eo.

So did he take fruit of every color, never suspecting that the red ones might be rubies, carbuncles, hyacinths, corals, or camelians, nor the white ones diamonds, pearls, nacre, or moonstones, nor the green ones emeralds, beryls, jade, prase, or aquamarine, not to mention those many varieties of blue, violet, yellow, and various unknown colors and the fact that they might be sapphires, lapis, turquoise, amethysts, jaspers, topaz, amber, agates, opals, hematite, tourmaline, peridot, and chrysoprase.

Lapides considered his Jewish heritage and unbiblical lifestyle impediments to becoming a follower of Jesus.

It was slow work even though we all contributed and after almost two hours of it we had filled dozens of packets with thousands of semi-precious stones - lapis lazuli, beryl, tigees eye, garnets, verdite, amethyst, and half a dozen others of whose identity I was uncertain.