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The Collaborative International Dictionary

landlady \land"la`dy\, n.; pl. landladies. [Cf. landlord.]

  1. A woman having real estate which she leases to a tenant or tenants.

  2. The mistress of an inn or lodging house.


n. (plural of landlady English)

Usage examples of "landladies".

His finances are on an even keel: for a year after the charity collapsed leaving him jobless, he was harried by landladies as he moved from one cheap room to another.

The harridan landladies of his past with their stewed cabbage, incontinent dogs and patched bedclothes inhabit a world far from London N.

The situation has never arisen before in his lifehis landladies have always been delighted to see him go, except on those occasions when he owed rent.

This approach appeals to him, given his long experience of fending off landladies demanding rent.

Knowing Mrs Parrish, she will be preparing something more appetising than his other landladies favoured.

If only people like landladies did not insist on presenting him with dilemmas.

If I can rummage through the junk lumber in the scrap heap, I might save the landladies a few bucks.

The landladies, without exception, had wilted beneath that gaze, and Mr Pickering wilted now.

At least, that is the reason our landladies are very anxious to impress on us.

I have come to the conclusion that boarding-house landladies of the Rigolboche type are uncommon in Canada.

It was one of those decayed brownstone fronts, where landladies ask few questions, and are distinctly reticent to outsiders about their guests.