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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lame \Lame\ (l[=a]m), a. [Compar. Lamer (l[=a]m"[~e]r); superl. Lamest.] [OE. lame, AS. lama; akin to D. lam, G. lahm, OHG., Dan., & Sw. lam, Icel. lami, Russ. lomate to break, lomota rheumatism.]

    1. Moving with pain or difficulty on account of injury, defect, or temporary obstruction of a function; as, a lame leg, arm, or muscle.

    2. To some degree disabled by reason of the imperfect action of a limb; crippled; as, a lame man. ``Lame of one leg.''
      --Arbuthnot. ``Lame in both his feet.''
      --2 Sam. ix. 13. ``He fell, and became lame.''
      --2 Sam. iv. 4.

  1. Hence, hobbling; limping; inefficient; imperfect; as, a lame answer. ``A lame endeavor.'' --Barrow. O, most lame and impotent conclusion! --Shak. Lame duck

    1. (Stock Exchange), a person who can not fulfill his contracts. [Cant]

    2. An elected politician who is completing a term after having been defeated at an election; also, an office holder who cannot or chooses not to run again for the same office; -- So called from the presumed lack of political power of one who is soon to be out of office. (b) Any office holder who is serving out a term after a replacement has been selected.


a. (en-comparative of: lame) n. (context slang English) a person lacking in maturity, social skills, technical competence or intelligence


The term "Lamer" is derived from the word "lame".

Other uses of the word "lamer": Lamer is a jargon or slang name originally applied in cracker and phreaker culture to someone who did not really understand what they were doing. Today it is also loosely applied by IRC, BBS, and online gaming users to anyone perceived to be contemptible. In general, the term has come to describe someone who is willfully ignorant of how things work.

A lamer is sometimes understood to be the antithesis of a hacker. While a hacker strives to understand the mechanisms behind what they use, even when such extended knowledge would have no practical value, a lamer only cares to learn the bare minimum necessary to operate the device in the way originally intended.

Lamer (disambiguation)

Lamer is a slang name.

Lamer may also refer to:

  • Thomas Lamer, politician
  • Antonio Lamer, Canadian lawyer

Lamers may also refer to:

  • Ine Lamers (born 1954), Dutch photographer and video installation artist

Usage examples of "lamer".

Somebody on the MOD bridge dialed a lamer, and then a dozen kids all started screaming into the phone, rampaging, scaring the kid.

There was one at Mitcham, I mind, that had a crown piece off me and left me lamer nor a duck.

He was standing naked, his back to her, his dark hair tousled from a towel drying and his face partially covered with lamer as he raised his hand to scrape dark stubble from his left cheek.

Miguel Lamer, in spite of the Branson fiasco, had thought he could retrieve it with the assignment of two Stage Two agents.

Cob, always lamer in winter, stumped awkwardly into the snowy lane to greet them.