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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
an online chat (=one had with someone over the internet)
▪ With MSN you can have an online chat with your friends.
an online dictionary (=one you can use on the Internet)
▪ There are plenty of online dictionaries available free on the Internet.
book online (=on the Internet)
▪ It’s much easier to book tickets online.
online auction
online banking
▪ Around 80 finance users required online access alongside an additional 200 cost-centre managers.
▪ There are millions of goods for sale in thousands of categories across hundreds of online auctions.
▪ Three people have been arrested after Britain's first alleged attempted online bank robbery was thwarted.
▪ Egg, the online bank, last month boasted of continued high growth in new customers.
▪ As a result, more than 4m people have online bank accounts.
▪ These provide the contact details and an indication of charges for more than 20 online brokers.
▪ Instead, online brokers will emerge as intermediaries.
▪ Has this neglect of basic business principles destroyed the credibility of all online business ventures?
▪ The list profiled 30 online business-to-business leaders.
▪ The main targets would be large corporations with online business-to-business activities.
▪ Verio will also provide customers with a comprehensive range of productivity-enhancing managed services needed to run their online business effectively.
▪ This is a strategically important move in the development of our online business in the teenage market.
▪ In the other five companies, the planning department makes a greater use of online business information services than any other department.
▪ McKesson expects to retain most of the 2,200 workers employed in the online business.
▪ The online catalogue has exposed obstacles to effective retrieval which library and catalogue users have faced all along in previous manual systems.
▪ The online catalogue was a spin-off which did not stem from any desire to serve the user better.
▪ Almost all of them were familiar with some online catalogue.
▪ Most online catalogues and some online hosts provide this facility.
▪ How can we then account for the high occurrence of subject searches on online catalogues?
▪ User satisfaction is another criterion which may provide a more global measure to evaluate interactive online catalogues.
▪ With automated bibliographic files and online catalogues, browsing has also been applied to searching in computer systems.
▪ Those who initially questioned whether or not the online catalogues were in fact catalogues may have recognized the difference in essence.
▪ Second, many online catalogues do not provide search functions which are powerful or flexible enough to permit exhaustive or precise searching.
▪ In implementing today's online catalogues, librarians are having to make complex decisions about catalogue user behaviour and needs.
▪ This led to a new kind of online chat service with the generic name of instant messaging.
▪ Companies were also asked whether they accessed information held on online databases.
▪ It is a huge, detailed, online database of construction products.
▪ Gateways are available to online databases such as Profile and Kompass to support project work and research.
▪ The first commercial online databases appeared in 1967 and since then the industry has grown slowly.
▪ An online database, the electronic equivalent of Biological Abstracts.
▪ Using online databases may not be the best method for assessing research activity.
▪ This is supplemented by the department's own financial analyses which it puts on to its own financial online database.
▪ All this makes the following statements promoting recent seminars on online database systems not only misguided, but silly!
▪ The objectives for instruction in online information retrieval have been outlined above.
▪ The source of online information, however, is often hard to identify.
▪ During the last ten years there has been a rapid growth in availability of computer-based online information retrieval systems.
▪ D., a provider of online information, lost 3. 0 million pounds on revenues of 9. 6 million.
▪ The growth in computer-based online information retrieval has been accompanied by an ever-increasing number of promotion, training and education courses.
▪ Early evaluation studies were directed towards the use of specific media - introductory MEDIATRON-multimedia programmes for online information retrieval.
▪ In all cases they considered the limitations of online information specific to their own needs to be a major deficiency.
▪ If a shop doesn't offer secure purchasing, it's not serious about its online presence.
▪ Existing companies-bookstores, for example-are taking defensive action against online retailers.
▪ Shipping costs can cut deeply into the discounts offered by online retailers.
▪ Downloadable versions went on sale for £8.17-£1.73 less than the printed paperback-at online retailers including Waterstone's.
▪ But what does an online retailer want with a journalist like Benson?
▪ Currently only 9 per cent of frauds reported by online retailers to the police lead to a prosecution.
▪ If you have an older computer with a slower modem, stick with an online service.
▪ In addition to disc based, off-line systems, there may well be demands for multimedia online services too.
▪ The Internet is: A.. An online service.
▪ In general this is obtained by undertaking a survey through the online services.
▪ That also applies to those who subscribe to an online service and have outgrown it.
▪ The service also makes substantial use of non-book materials, running a successful online service for which a charge is made.
▪ The Palo Alto startup is quietly developing an online service that will help businesses and consumers choose and manage health plans.
▪ For example, some types of multimedia applications will involve online systems which combine live television information with other digital data.
▪ These features which have been originally built into online systems to improve system performance are of considerable instructional value to searchers.
▪ In this field, online systems are not merely desirable.
▪ However, multimedia may also be utilised to make online systems more friendly.
▪ An attempt has therefore been made to formulate goals and objectives for online user education from this point of view.
▪ All three of these types of goals and objectives are involved in online user education.
▪ News Corp officials also emphasise that the company's moves both in and out of the online world have been modest.
▪ For Richard Goldman, the online world is no mere diversion.
▪ The International Trademark Association argued that this safeguard is essential to keep order in the online world.
▪ That scenario also is a good way to think about the online world.
▪ We are now looking forward to doing the same in the online world.
online banking
▪ I'll just go online and look up her address.
▪ Before downloading any beta software, check the appropriate Usenet news group or online service forum for possible complaints about the software.
▪ Kick Media's network will include major branded magazine, movie, retail, online games, clothing and speciality shop sites.
▪ Perhaps you already are an online devotee, a chatroom habitue.
▪ Some of this material can be found elsewhere in a growing number of online resources related to trade.
▪ The online journal of current clinical trials, a scientific electronic journal, is to be launched this month.
▪ There are two possible explanations: the online environment either created a new demand or stimulated an existing inherent need.
▪ These features which have been originally built into online systems to improve system performance are of considerable instructional value to searchers.
▪ This is just another unfortunate blip in the evolution of online services.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

online \on"line`\, on-line \on"-line`\adj.

  1. 1 (Computers) connected by a communications line to a computer. Opposite of off-line.

    Syn: online, on line(predicate).

  2. [prenominal] being in progress now; ongoing; as, on-line editorial projects. [Colloq.]

    Syn: in progress(predicate), ongoing, on line(predicate).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

in reference to computers, "directly connected to a peripheral device," 1950 (originally as on-line).


a. 1 Describes a system which is connected (generally electrically) to a larger network. 2 # Describes a generator or power plant which is connected to the grid. 3 # Describes a computer which is connected to the Internet or to some other communications service – i.e., not simply with the cable plugged in, but has established a connection to a larger network (e.g., by dialing up). 4 Available over, or delivered from, the Internet. adv. Describes actions performed over the Internet.

Online (song)

"Online" is a song co-written and performed by American country music artist Brad Paisley. It was released in July 2007 as the second single from the album 5th Gear. The single is Paisley's ninth overall Number One single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, as well as his fifth consecutive Number One. In addition, the song's music video won a Video of the Year award for Paisley at the 2007 Country Music Association awards. Paisley wrote this song with Kelley Lovelace and Chris DuBois.

Online (magazine)

Online was a magazine for information systems first published in 1977. The publisher Online, Inc. was founded the year before. The magazine was headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2001, Information Today, Inc. acquired the assets of Online Inc. The first issue under Information Today, Inc. was published in January/February 2002. The magazine merged in 2013 with the magazine Searcher to form Online Searcher.

Marydee Ojala served as the editor of Online. The website contained selected full-text articles and news from each issue.

Online (disambiguation)

The term " online" can refer to a state of connectivity.

"Online" (or variations) can also refer to:

  • Online (magazine), magazine for information systems first published in 1977
  • On Line, 2002 American drama film
  • "Online" (song), 2007 song recorded by American country music artist Brad Paisley
  • On Line (film), 2015 Chinese science fiction action film
  • One Nevada Transmission Line (ONLine), proposed electrical power line in Nevada
  • Online (machine learning) a method of machine learning in which data becomes available in a sequential order

Usage examples of "online".

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Reynolds to find an online news story about the booing incident to which he could link.

Images of the original pages are available through Early Canadiana Online.

It could stimulate countertransference reactions from your online partner.

I stopped into a twenty-four-hour cybercafe called Digital Ditties, got online, and worked all night.

The oil producing nations were still antsy about the future as more depolymerization plants turning waste into oil came online in the United States, making the prospects for near self-sufficiency in petroleum more realistic.

Ben Bova, and introduced in early 2000, was perhaps the most glossy and ambitious such site to date, featuring a distinguished lineup of columnists such as Harlan Ellison, Mike Resnick, Joe Haldeman, Jack Dann, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and many others, running scientific articles and book and movie reviews as well as original short SF stories, and promising eventually to provide everything from downloadable novels to online movies to animation to Web TV.

At home I was online and the keyboard was fucked up and then files started opening all by themself.

Produced by Robert Fite, Tom Allen, David Moynihan, Charles Franks and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team.

Within a few days the facility would be brought online, and they would begin collecting ekti for the Terran Hanseatic League.

The online companion now becomes a character within our intrapsychic world, a character that is shaped partly by how the person actually presents him or herself via text communication, but also by our expectations, wishes, and needs.

Otis Warren to Catharine Macaulay, August 24, 1775, available at Gilder Lehrman Online Exhibits, www.

In some cases the misbehavior at the Palace will be similar to other online groups, in some cases different.

First Squad, so Munchkin joined the rest of our squad and rattled rounds into the cave while Second and Fourth Squads ran forward, online, and crouched.

Could another user have rigged an online Outbox to send a pre-entered message automatically when the connection was made?