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Lal (, , , ) is an Indo-Iranian surname and given name, which means "darling", from the Sanskritlala ("cajoling"). In addition, Lal means " garnet" or " ruby" in Persian, "ruby" in Pashto, and "red" in Hindustani. The name Lal may refer to:

Lal (actor)

M. P. Michael (2 December 1958), better known by his stage name Lal, is an Indian film director, actor, script writer, producer, and film distributor widely known for his work in Malayalam cinema.

Lal (disambiguation)

Lal is a Hindi word for the color red, which is also used as a middle name and term of endearment in many Hindu communities and some other Indo-Aryan languages, and also a surname. The Hindi word is derived from the Sanskrit meaning "to play" or "to caress".

Lal or LAL may also refer to:

LAL (band)

LAL is a Toronto-based collective of musicians representing Uganda, Bangladesh, Barbados, and India featuring vocalist Rosina Kazi, laptop musician, Nicholas "Murr" Murray, and bassist Ian de Sousa, since 1998. The group has developed a sound over the last decade fusing South-Asian roots, West Indian fruits, and melancholic vocals with jazz sensibilities, hip hop influences, down tempo grooves, broken soul, and electro. Weaving their sound with lyrical, socially conscious poetry, LAL has produced two full-length albums, Corners (2002), and Warm Belly High Power (2004), which was awarded the best soul album in 2004 by Exclaim!. They have also performed in a wide variety of festivals and impressive venues across Canada, Europe, and Pakistan, and have been recognized with support from the Canada Council for the Arts for composing and recording in 2006/2007. LAL's third album is Deportation.

Lal (surname)

'''Lal ''' is a surname related to honorific title Lal, and is found among several social groups. The surname is also common in the Indian diaspora.