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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lythe \Lythe\ (l[imac]th), n. (Zo["o]l.) The European pollack; -- called also laith, and leet.


Laith , also romanized as Layth, is an Arabic name.

Notable people with the name include:

  • Al-Layth ibn Sa'd (713–791), Egyptian scholar of Islamic jurisprudence
  • Rafi ibn al-Layth (died 809), Khurasani Arab noble and rebel
  • Ya'qub ibn al-Layth al-Saffar (840–879), Persian coppersmith and founder of the Saffarid dynasty
  • Amr ibn al-Layth (died 902), the second Saffarid ruler
  • Al-Layth (died 928), Saffarid emir, nephew of the first two
  • Muhammad ibn Ali ibn al-Layth, Saffarid emir
  • Abu Laith, Hanafite jurist
  • Laith Shubeilat (born 1942), Jordanian politician
  • Layth Abdulamir (born 1957), Iraqi-French film director
  • Abu Laith al-Libi (1967–2008), al-Qaeda leader
  • Laith Hussein (born 1968), Iraqi footballer
  • Laith Pharaon (born 1968), Saudi Arabian motorboat racer
  • Laith Al-Deen (born 1972), German singer
  • Laith Nobari (born 1977), Iranian footballer
  • Laith Al-Juneidi (born 1978), Palestinian filmmaker
  • Laith Al-Saadi, American singer and finalist in season 10 of the U.S. The Voice
  • Laith Ashley, transgender male model

Usage examples of "laith".

Thus I poured onto the wound the purest water I could find, mixed with laith, which demons hate, and blowfiower leaves which purify.

After Traigh, the head stableman, saddled Laith, she rode northward to Moytura, past the crops ripening in the fields, the many farmsteads and barns along the way.

Aware of the need to complete her act of propitiation, she rode farther on to the Nantosuelta River and tethered Laith to an ash branch.