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' Lagos' ( Yoruba: Èkó) is a city in the Nigerian state of Lagos. The city, with its adjoining conurbation, is the largest in Nigeria, as well as on the African continent. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and also one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world. Lagos is a major financial centre in Africa; the mega city has the highest GDP, and also houses one of the largest and busiest ports on the continent.

Lagos initially emerged as a port city which originated on a collection of islands, which are contained in the present day Local Government Areas ( LGAs) of Lagos Island, Eti-Osa, Amuwo-Odofin and Apapa; the islands are separated by creeks, fringing the southwest mouth of Lagos Lagoon, while protected from the Atlantic Ocean by barrier islands and long sand spits such as Bar Beach, which stretch up to east and west of the mouth. Due to rapid urbanization, the city expanded to the west of the lagoon to include areas in the present day Lagos Mainland, Ajeromi-Ifelodun and Surulere. This led to the classification of Lagos into two main areas - the Island, which was the initial city of Lagos, before it expanded into the area known as the Mainland. This city area was governed directly by the Federal Government through the Lagos City Council, until the creation of Lagos State in 1967, which led to the splitting of Lagos city into the present day seven Local Government Areas (LGAs), and an addition of other towns (which now make up 13 LGAs) from the then Western Region, to form the state.

Lagos which was the capital of Nigeria since its amalgamation in 1914, went on to become the capital of Lagos State, after its creation. However, the state capital was later moved to Ikeja in 1976, while the federal capital also moved to Abuja in 1991. Even though Lagos is still widely referred to as a city, the present day Lagos, also known as "Metropolitan Lagos", and officially as "Lagos Metropolitan Area" is an urban agglomeration or conurbation, consisting of 16 LGAs, including Ikeja, the state capital of Lagos State. This conurbation makes up 37% of Lagos State's total land area, but houses about 85% of the state's total population.

The exact population of Metropolitan Lagos is disputed; In the 2006 federal census data, the conurbation had a population of about 8 million people. However, the figure was disputed by the Lagos State Government, which later released its own population data, putting the population of Lagos Metropolitan Area at approximately 16 million. As at 2015, unofficial figures put the population of "Greater Metropolitan Lagos", which includes, Lagos and its surrounding metro area, extending as far as into Ogun State, at approximately 21 million.

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Lagos (jewelry)

Lagos is a privately held American jewelry company. Founded by Steven Lagos in 1977, the brand is known for its jewelry craftsmanship and the proprietary design technique of textured caviar-like beading. The company has offices in New York and Bangkok with its corporate headquarters in Philadelphia.

LAGOS is sold in over 300 stores within the United States, including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and independent jewelry retailers throughout the country. The brand’s flagship boutique opened in 1994 on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Usage examples of "lagos".

Lagos, was devoted entirely to the report of Meyer Horowitz on the iceberg Alamo operation.

Absolutely no one ever chose to go to Lagos as Lagos ran Ulan Bator close in career non-advancement.

Western Soudan, limp Fellaheen from Lower Egypt, an Egba who had served in the British Police Force at Lagos, merchants from the back of the Barbary States, workers in metal from Sokoto, and weavers from Timbukhtu.

We and the Russians, the ones being reviled in Cairo and Beijing, in Caracas and Lagos and wherever, we saved the world from megadeaths, to be followed by radioactive fallout and maybe nuclear winter.

In Africa, there were the ports of Lagos in Nigeria, and Monrovia in Liberia.

Cousin Jenny had gotten an admin job at the nuclear steelmaking complex that was just going into operation outside Lagos.

With an entourage of five, I climbed aboard a jet liner scheduled for Lagos.

Lagos grouped them into four broad categories: Biblical studies, Sumerian studies, neurolinguistic studies, and intel gathered on L.

Cambodia had fallen to the Khmer Rouge, Lagos was falling to the Pathet Lao, and the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong were about to enter Saigon.

You think you're the blue paper in my potato crisps, but I can work you over my way and still have enough left to shovel up for the Lagos cops.

So Lagos was trying to say that the newborn human brain has no structure-as the relativists would have it-and that as the child learns a language, the developing brain structures itself accordingly, the language gets 'blown into' the 'hardware and becomes a permanent part of the brain's deep structure-as the universalists would have it.

Densas selvas cubrieron las llanuras, ríos caudalosos se abrieron paso hasta el mar, surgieron montañas abruptas y los lagos cubrieron las ruinas de las antiguas ciudades situadas en los fértiles valles.

From New York, brainpox would rocket to London and Tokyo, and it would fly to Lagos, Nigeria, and it would land in Shanghai and Sipgapore, and it would amplify through Calcutta, and it would get to Sao Paulo and Mexico City and Dacca in Bangladesh and Djakarta in Indonesia and all the great supercities of the earth.

After all, Lagos streets have mudholes equally deep, and buildings (in less attractive parts of the city) equally ramshackle, and it had developed with the same disdain of urban planning.