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n. (plural of lack English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: lack)

Usage examples of "lacks".

He is so bound to his own Italian people that he lacks the broad qualities of a world-wide revolutionary and insurrectionist.

Borges assigns to that distortion of classification that prevents us from applying it, to that picture that lacks all spatial coherence, is a precise region whose name alone constitutes for the West a vast reservoir of Utopias.

Ajax, in other words, is that of a man who has all the physical attributes required for a warrior but who lacks the intelligence to make those attributes work for him.

Jessica is beautiful and lacks all the stigmata associated by Elizabethan audiences with Jews.

V-1 not only lacks all of them but embodies some features which Oberth would never have used, if his word had counted.

The onboard array lacks the diagnostic facilities to make a detailed analysis.

Utopian but lacks the realism of someone trying to defend a well established tradition.

His psyche lacks the Oedipal identification with the father, the mark of symbolic castration.

Besides, if I understand it correctly, this book of yours has no need for any of the things you say it lacks, because all of it is an invective against books of chivalry, which Aristotle never thought of, and St.

Piaget declares that there is no structure which lacks a development, and that the process of development can only be understood in view of the structure which exists at the beginning and the structures into which it will evolve.

Earth whose exterior lacks the form of that neocortexsuch as a plant, a lizard, a horsewill probably lack an interior that contains intentional symbolic logic.