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n. (context uncommon English) (alternative form of leban English)


Laban may refer to:

  • Laban (Bible), a figure in the Book of Genesis
  • Laban (Book of Mormon), a figure in the Book of Mormon
  • Lilla spöket Laban (The Little Ghost Godfrey), a Swedish children's book character
  • Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (Struggle of Democratic Filipinos), a political party in the Philippines
  • Lakas ng Bayan (People's Power), a former political party in the Philippines that was known by the acronym, LABAN (meaning "Fight")
  • Laban sign, a Filipino hand gesture
  • Laban (band), a 1980s Eurodance duo
  • Labneh, a traditional Arabic strained yogurt, also known as laban
  • Leben, buttermilk commonly referred to as Laban in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf
  • Laban Movement Analysis, a system for describing movement
Laban (Bible)

Laban is the son of Bethuel and the brother of Rebecca as described in the Book of Genesis. As such he is brother-in-law to Isaac and both father-in-law and uncle to Jacob. Laban and his family were described as dwelling in Paddan Aram, in Mesopotamia. Though the biblical text itself does not attest to this, Rabbinic sources also identify him as the father of Bilhah and Zilpah, the two concubines with whom Jacob also has children (Midrash Raba, Gen 24)

Laban (Book of Mormon)

Laban was the name of a person in the first part of the Book of Mormon, a scripture of the Latter Day Saint movement. Although he only makes a brief appearance in the narrative, his brass plates would play an important role amongst the Nephites, who are the book's main protagonists.

Laban (band)

Laban was a 1980s synthpop duo consisting of Lecia Jønsson and Ivan Pedersen. Both members were born in Denmark and originally sang in Danish, before moving onto English language releases. They went on to limited international success with the releases of two albums, as well as singles such as "Love In Siberia" and "Caught By Surprise".

The duo formed in 1982, and recorded the song "Hvor Ska' Vi Sove I Nat?" ("Where Shall We Sleep Tonight?") in 1982, a cover version of Ricchi e Poveri's " Sarà perché ti amo". A manager called Cai Leitner heard the song, and two days later it was released as a single. They recorded another cover song that year, called "Jeg Kan Li' Dig Alligevel" ("I Love You Anyway"), originally performed by the German pop group Hot Shot as "Angel From Paradise". In 1986 they released "Love In Siberia" which spent 4 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at Nº 88, and which launched the pair to international success. It resulted in an LP called "Caught By Surprise", in addition to a single of the same name.

The first album also included the single releases of "Donna Donna" and "Ch-Ch-Cherrie", allowing the duo to release a second international album in 1987. The second album had more of a rock music feel than the first and failed to do as well. With their popularity fading, Laban split up in 1988.

Usage examples of "laban".

Laban, he tries with the help of literary and artistic documentation to approach the young Bithynian as a living reality.

And certes, but if [unless] they do amendment, right as God gave his benison [blessing] to Laban by the service of Jacob, and to Pharaoh by the service of Joseph.