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L'Autre (Mylène Farmer album)

L'Autre... is the third studio album by Mylène Farmer, released on April 9, 1991. It contains the singer's biggest hit, " Désenchantée", which was number-one in France for nine weeks, and other three top ten hits. The album was generally well received by the critics and was a great success in terms of chart and sales (#1 for twenty weeks), becoming the best-selling album throughout the singer's career and the third best-selling album of all time in France.

L'Autre (Et Sans album)

l'Autre is the debut album of Et Sans, an experimental Canadian group. It was released in November 2001 by Locust Music.

The entire album consists of one song, approximately 42 minutes and 17 seconds long, named after the album title.

L'Autre (comics)

L'Autre (French: "The Other") is a French comic book character written by Franco Frescura and illustrated by Luciano Bernasconi for French publisher Editions Lug in 1973.

The Other is a monster with shapeshifting powers who has been sent by an evil cosmic intelligence, the Great Mind, to destroy Earth. He is discovered and pursued by French journalist, Jean Vlad. It is eventually revealed that the Other is another Jean Vlad who comes from an Alternate Earth which has already been taken over by the Great Mind. In the final episode, Vlad killed the Other under Ayers Rock in Australia, but was in turned locked in a lunatic asylum.

The Other was a tamer version and a sequel of sorts to the earlier Wampus, which had been cancelled because of censorship problems. It was published in the magazine Futura in 1973-75.

In the series Strangers, published by Semic Comics and Image Comics in 2002 and 2003, writer Jean-Marc Lofficier introduced a new character named Futura, who was later revealed to have been the Other's sister.

The Other is now part of Hexagon Comics which plans to publish a collection of his adventures translated into English.

L'Autre (video album)

L'Autre is a VHS recorded by the French singer Mylène Farmer, containing all the singer's videoclips from 1991 to 1992. It was released in September 1992 in France.

This VHS includes all the videos from the third studio album L'Autre... This fourth music video was not entitled Les Clips Vol. IV, but was named L'Autre... since the videoclips available on this VHS are these of the fourth singles from this album.

This VHS content is also included on the DVD Music Videos I.


L'Autre may refer to:

  • L'Autre (Et Sans album)
  • L'Autre (comics), French comic book character
  • "L'Autre" (song), B-side of "La Poupée qui fait non"
  • L'Autre..., album by Mylène Farmer
  • L'Autre (VHS), VHS recorded by the French singer Mylène Farmer
  • L'Autre (2008 film), film by Patrick-Mario Bernard with Dominique Blanc
  • The Other (1999 film), a 1999 French-Egyptian drama film