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n. a female ninja

Kunoichi (disambiguation)

A kunoichi is a female ninja.

Kunoichi may also refer to:

Kunoichi (TV series)

Kunoichi (クノイチ; stylized as KUNOICHI in Japan) was a women's obstacle course competition held in Japan and broadcast on the Tokyo Broadcasting System. It is a spin-off of Sasuke, another obstacle course series. Kunoichi is different from Sasuke in that the competitors are exclusively female. It is also broadcast as Women of Ninja Warrior on the American G4 channel.


is a modern term for a female ninja (previously meaning male or female) or practitioner of ninjutsu (ninpo).

Usage examples of "kunoichi".

That he would send them his best and dearest young kunoichi proved it.

Bent and wizened, but with bright, youthful eyes, she was a kunoichi from Aoi's village.