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KUHN (88.9 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a variety format of oldies, adult contemporary, and talk radio related to the Nation. Licensed to Golden Meadow, Louisiana, USA, the station is currently owned by the United Houma Nation.

Kuhn (crater)

Kuhn is a lunar impact crater located on the lunar far side near the Northern lunar pole. The crater is located East of the Kocher crater, Southeast of the prominent Ashbrook crater and just North of the southern lunar pole. Kuhn was adopted and named after German chemist Henry Kuhn by the IAU in 2008.

Kühn (surname)

Kühn is a surname of German origin, derived from the Old German name Conrad. It may refer to one of the following people:

  • Anke Kühne née Kühn (b. 1981), German hockey player
  • Axel Kühn (b. 1967), German bobsledder
  • Daniela Kühn (b. 1973), German mathematician
  • Dieter Kühn (b. 1956), German football player
  • Enrico Kühn (b. 1977), German bobsledder
  • Friedrich Kühn (general) (1889 – 1944), German army armor general
  • Gabriele Kühn (b. 1957), German rower
  • Heinrich Kühn (1866 - 1944), Austrian Photographer
  • Heinz Kühn (1912 – 1992), German politician
  • Joachim Kühn (b. 1944), German jazz pianist
  • Jörg Kühn (1940–1964), Swiss artist
  • Julius Kühn (1825–1910), German academic and agronomist
  • Michael Kühn (b. 1963), German footballer
  • Rolf Kühn (b. 1929), German jazz clarinetist and saxophonist
  • Sophie von Kühn (1782 – 1797), fiancée of the German Romantic poet and philosopher Novalis
  • Wolfram Kühn (b. 1952), German Navy Vice Admiral