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n. (context game of go English) Compensation points for the white player in the board game go.


The name Komi may refer to:

  • Komi peoples
  • Komi language (Komi-Zyrian language and Komi-Permyak language)
  • Komi Republic of Russia
  • Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of the former USSR.
Komi (restaurant)

Komi is a Washington, D.C., restaurant operated by Chef Johnny Monis. It is located at 1509 17th St. NW, near Dupont Circle, and serves Italian- and Greek-influenced dishes. In April 2007, Food & Wine magazine named Johnny Monis one of the F&W 2007 Best New Chefs 1.

Usage examples of "komi".

As a student reading law at Moscow University, he had fallen ill in his final year, and to recuperate he had set off on a trip to the remote Komi region, 800 kilometres north-east of Moscow, to study the beliefs of its Finno-Ugric tribes.

Anthropologists had long marked out the Komi region as a meeting point between Christianity and the old shamanic paganism of the Asiatic tribes.

The Komi people had been forcibly converted to the Christian faith by St Stephan in the fourteenth century.

The area had been colonized by Russian settlers for several hundreds years, and the culture of the Komi, from their language to their dress, bore a close resemblance to the Russian way of life.

Some of the Komi people told Kandinsky that the stars were nailed on to the sky.

Nineteenth-century archaeologists in the Komi region had unearthed large amounts of ceramic pottery with Mongolian ornament.

Kandinsky: sketches of buildings in the Komi region, including a church with a Mongolian-type roof.

Kandinsky had returned from the Komi region he gave a lecture on the findings of his trip to the Imperial Ethnographic Society in St Petersburg.

Ostensibly a Russian-Christian scene, the painting is filled with pagan symbols from the Komi region, which Kandinsky had explored as an anthropologist.

So Kandinsky recalled the impact of his encounter with the Komi people on his evolution towards abstract art.

In these paintings there is in fact a complex mix of Christian, pagan and shamanic images from the Komi area.

According to legend, Pam led the resistance of the Komi people to the fourteenth-century Russian missionary.

I could have them dragged out of here and slung into the interrogation cells and later packed into the special windowless trains for the camps in the Komi Republic.

Kimo and Komi, two men who participated in the massacre, were so affected by the testimony of the men they had killed that they gave their lives to Christ soon after the tragic event.

When Komi rejoined them at the agreed-upon meeting place, and handed over the purse of his master's money, Wen Chang had to lighten that purse by a good many coins to make the required advance payment to the innkeeper.