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Koch (boat)

The Koch was a special type of small one or two mast wooden sailing ships designed and used in Russia for transpolar voyages in ice conditions of the Arctic seas, popular among the Pomors.

Because of its additional skin-planking (called kotsa) and Arctic design of the body and the rudder, it could sail without being damaged in the waters full of ice blocks and ice floes. The koch was the unique ship of this class for several centuries.


Koch may refer to:

  • Koch (surname), people with this surname
  • Koch (boat), a type of Arctic boat
  • Koch people (or Koche), an ethnic group originally from the ancient Koch kingdom in north east India
    • Koch language, a language spoken in India and Bangladesh
  • Koch, Łódź Voivodeship, a village in central Poland
  • Koch, South Sudan, a village in Unity State, South Sudan
  • Koch County, an administrative area in Unity State, South Sudan
  • Koch Bihar, a princely state in north east India
  • Koch dynasty, a dynasty in Assam and Bengal, north east India
  • Koch, Iran (disambiguation), places in Iran
  • Koch method of learning Morse Code
  • Koch snowflake or star, and Koch curve
  • Koch's postulates, the criteria required to establish the etiology of an infectious disease
  • Koch's bacillus, a bacterial species that causes tuberculosis
  • Koch (film), a 2012 documentary film about New York City mayor Ed Koch
  • Koch (crater), a crater on the Moon
Koch (crater)

thumb|right|240px|Oblique Lunar Orbiter 2 view, facing south Koch is a crater on the far side of the Moon. It lies in the southern hemisphere, to the south-southeast of the walled plain Jules Verne. Attached to the northeastern rim of Koch by a neck of uneven terrain is the crater Lundmark. Less than one crater diameter to the south of Koch is Crocco.

This crater has a worn and eroded outer rim. Several small craters lie along the outer rim, particularly along the northern edge. Attached to the western side is the satellite crater Koch U. The interior floor is also marked by some small craters, with a pair located just to the north of the midpoint and another along the southern inner wall.

Koch (surname)

Koch is a German surname that means "cook".

In English-speaking countries it may be pronounced "caulk", "cook", "coke", "kosh" or "kotch".

Koch (film)

Koch is a 2012 documentary film directed by Neil Barsky about former New York City Mayor Ed Koch. Koch premiered at the Hamptons International Film Festival on October 8, 2012 and is distributed by Zeitgeist Films. It opened theatrically in the United States on February 1, 2013 (coincidentally, the day of Koch's death).

Usage examples of "koch".

To fill the hole at the back of his bullpen Billy had traded to the Toronto Blue jays a minor league third baseman, Eric Hinske, for Billy Koch, another crude fireballer.

Koch had studied them carefully and found them to be veritable menageries of hideous scum-forming bacilli and strange cocci and other foreign creatures that had no business there.

As specifically configured for UpLink International, the sixty TRAP T-2s situated around the Cosmodrome consisted of a mix of tripod-mounted VVRS M16 assault rifles and Heckler Koch MSG semiautomatic shotguns linked via microwave video, fiber-optic umbilical cable, and precision target-acquisition-and-firing software to man-portable control stations with handheld viewfinders and triggering units.

For instance, Francis Crick and Christof Koch believe that consciousness depends crucially on some form of serial attentional mechanism that helps sets of the relevant neurons to fire in a coherent semioscillatory way, probably at a frequency in the 40-70 Hz range.

A Dutch engineer, Hugo Alexander Koch, 49, viewed the system most comprehensively, pointing out in his patent that steel wires on pulleys, levers, rays of light, or air, water, or oil flowing through tubes could transmit the enciphering impulse as well as electricity.

In short, Virchow was very sniffish and cold to Koch, for he had come to that time of life when ageing men believe that everything is known and there is nothing more to be found out.

Koch three-millimeter, a selective-fire three-millimeter machine pistol capable of taking out just about anything short of battle armor with its two-millimeter subcaliber penetrators.

Koch three-millimeter, a selective-fire machine pistol capable of taking out just about anything short of battle armor with its two-millimeter subcaliber penetrators.

Roheim, Jacob Breuer, Richard Krafft-Ebing, Paul Ehrlich, Robert Koch, Wagner von Jauregg, August von Wassermann, Gregor Mendel, Erich Tschermak, Paul Corremans.

Two small commandos, that of Koch in the Orange River Colony, and that of Carolina, had been captured by Williams and Benson.

A few years later, while Robert Koch was bending under the abuse and curses of sad ones who had been disappointed by his supposed cure for consumption, Emil Behring, the poetical pupil of Koch, spied out a strange virtue, an unknown something in the blood of guinea-pigs.

Following hard on the heels of their generosity, the Koch executives facing possible prison terms were freed from any prosecution.

Koch executives facing possible prison terms were freed from any prosecution.

At this time Koch knew little or nothing about the yeast soups and flasks of Pasteur, and the experiments he fussed with had the crude originality of the first cave man trying to make fire.

Koch saw little of him and worried and wished he would not go on his calls smelling of germicides and of his menagerie of animals.