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n. (plural of kiva English)

Usage examples of "kivas".

There were also courtyards, kivas, and well-preserved ladders that had once allowed the Anasazi to climb easily from one level of the city to another.

Al put their hats on their hearts, not noticing that from dark kivas everywhere, figures stole to the surface.

To Anna the kivas, the tunnels, the towers, the plaster and paint and pottery, suggested a people with an eye for beauty and at least enough wealth and leisure to pursue it.

The dwelling itself was composed of two hundred and seventeen rooms, twenty-one kivas, and, at the far end, a four-story tower, the inside room of which boasted intact plaster with discernible paintings.

Lucking and Barker were down inside one of the great ceremonial kivas, and their grunts of exertion could plainly be heard in the silence of the ruins.

Here you see the sacred things torn from the temples of Inca worshippers, stolen from the holy kivas of the Pueblo people, sacred icons looted from burned tepee villages on the buffalo plains.