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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kirk \Kirk\ (k[~e]rk), n. [Scot.; cf. Icel. kirkja, of Greek origin. See Church.] A church or the church, in the various senses of the word; esp., the Church of Scotland as distinguished from other reformed churches, or from the Roman Catholic Church. [Scot.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, northern England and Scottish dialectal form of church, from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse kirkja "church," from Old English cirice (see church).


n. (context Northern England and Scotland English) a church.


n. a Scottish church

Kirk (TV series)

Kirk is an American family sitcom which aired on The WB from August 23, 1995 to January 12, 1997. The series was created by Ross Brown, and produced by Bickley-Warren Productions and Jeff Franklin Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. Kirk was the follow-up starring vehicle for Kirk Cameron after his seven-year role as Mike Seaver on the popular ABC sitcom Growing Pains.

Kirk (disambiguation)

Kirk means "church", often referring to the Church of Scotland in particular.

Kirk or KIRK may also refer to:

Kirk (surname)

Kirk is a surname. Notable persons with that surname include:

  • Aidan Kirk, New Zealand rugby player
  • Alan Goodrich Kirk (1888–1963), American admiral
  • Alexander Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Alexandra Kirk, pseudonymous author
  • Alexis Kirk (1936-2010), jeweler
  • Andrew Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Anne Kirk, Scottish darts player
  • Bernard Kirk, American football player
  • Bobby Kirk (ice hockey), Irish ice hockey player
  • Brett Kirk, Australian rules footballer
  • Brian Kirk, Irish television presenter
  • Claude R. Kirk, Jr., Governor of Florida
  • Chris Kirk, professional golfer
  • Dana Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • David Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Deanna Kirk, American singer/songwriter
  • Donald James Kirk, American accountant
  • Edward Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, American literacy advocate
  • Francis Kirk, early settler of the Swan River Colony in Western Australia
  • Geoffrey Kirk, British classical scholar
  • Gerald Kirk, English footballer
  • Grayson L. Kirk, president of Columbia University
  • Hans Kirk, Danish 20th century author
  • Herbert Kirk, Northern Irish politician
  • James Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Jennifer Kirk, American figure skater
  • Jenny Kirk (politician), New Zealand politician
  • Joe Kirk, American actor
  • Joey Kirk, American soccer player
  • John Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Justin Kirk, American actor
  • Karl Kirk, Danish Olympic gymnast
  • Kelvin Kirk, American football player
  • Kenneth Kirk, bishop of Oxford
  • Kris Kirk, English gay activist
  • Kristian Kirk, Danish footballer
  • Laura Kirk, American actress
  • Lawrence Kirk, Canadian agronomist
  • Leonard Kirk, American comic book artist
  • Linda Kirk, Australian Senator
  • Lisa Kirk, American actress
  • Lynne Golding-Kirk, Australian ballerina
  • Malcolm Kirk, English wrestler
  • Mark Kirk, US politician from Illinois
  • Mark-Lee Kirk, American art director
  • Marshall Kirk, genealogist and gay activist
  • Matt Kirk, Canadian football player
  • Matthew Kirk, British diplomat
  • Milo Kirk, president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving
  • Norman Kirk, Prime Minister of New Zealand (1972–1974)
  • Oliver Kirk, American boxer
  • Paul Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Peter Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Phil Kirk, American politician from North Carolina
  • Phyllis Kirk, American actress
  • Quavas Kirk, American soccer player
  • Rahsaan Roland Kirk, jazz musician
  • Randal J. Kirk, American businessman
  • Randy Kirk, American football player
  • Ricardo Kirk, Brazilian aviation pioneer
  • Richard Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Robert Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Robie Kirk, songwriter
  • Roger Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Ron Kirk, United States Trade Representative and former Mayor of Dallas
  • Russell Kirk, political writer
  • Ruth M. Kirk, American politician from Maryland
  • Séamus Kirk, Irish politician
  • Sherridan Kirk, Trinidad and Tobago athlete
  • Steve Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Tammy Jo Kirk, American racecar and motorcycle racer
  • Tara Kirk, American olympic swimmer
  • Tim Kirk, American artist
  • Thomas Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people
  • William Kirk (disambiguation), multiple people

KIRK (99.9 FM, "The Captain 99.9") is a radio station licensed to serve Macon, Missouri, USA. The station, established in 1998, is currently owned by Alpha Media with the broadcast license held by Alpha Media Licensee LLC.

Kirk (crater)

Kirk Crater is a small crater on Pluto's main moon Charon. The crater was discovered by the New Horizons satellite on its way by Pluto. It was named after Captain Kirk from the Star Trek TV series.

Kirk (given name)

Kirk is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Kirk Acevedo (1974- ), American actor
  • Kirk Alyn (1910-1999), American actor
  • Kirk Anderson (judge) (fl. 2000s), Jamaican judge
  • Kirk Baltz (1959- ), American actor
  • Kirk Baptiste (1963- ), American Olympics athlete
  • Kirk Barton (1984- ), American football player
  • Kirk Baumgartner (1967- ), American football player
  • Kirk Baxter, Australian film editor
  • Kirk Bloodsworth, American advocate for justice reform
  • Kirk Boott (1791-1837), American industrialist
  • Kirk Bowman (1952-), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Kirk Brandon (1956- ), English musician
  • Kirk Broadfoot (1984- ), Scottish footballer
  • Kirk Browning (1921-2008), American television executive
  • Kirk Bryan (geologist) (1888-1950), American geologist
  • Kirk Bryan (oceanographer) (1929- ), American oceanographer
  • Kirk Bullinger (1969- ), American baseball player
  • Kirk Cameron (1970- ), American actor
  • Kirk Cashmere (1955-2004), American lawyer
  • Kirk Chambers (1979- ), American football player
  • Kirk Cousins (1988- ), American football player
  • Kirk Covington, American musician
  • Kirk Cox (1957- ), American politician
  • Kirk Dawes (1958- ), British mediator
  • Kirk DeMicco, American screenwriter
  • Kirk Degiorgio, British DJ
  • Kirk Demorest, American filmmaker
  • Kirk Dixon (1984- ), English rugby player
  • Kirk Douglas (1916- ), American actor
  • Kirk Dressendorfer (1969- ), American baseball player
  • Kirk Earlywine (1964- ), American basketball coach
  • Kirk Edwards (1984- ), Barbadian cricketer
  • Kirk Ferentz (1955- ), American football coach
  • Kirk Fogg (1959- ), American actor
  • Kirk Fordham (1967- ), American Congressional aide
  • Kirk Fordice (1934-2004), American politician, governor of Mississippi
  • Kirk Francis (1947- ), American film sound mixer
  • Kirk Franklin (1970- ), American gospel musician
  • Kirk Furey (1976- ), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Kirk Gibson (1957- ), American baseball player
  • Kirk Hammett (1962- ), American musician, lead guitarist of Metallica
  • Kirk Hanefeld (1956- ), American golfer
  • Kirk Harris, American actor
  • Kirk Haston (1979- ), American basketball player
  • Kirk Herbstreit (1969- ), American sportscaster
  • Kirk Hilton (1981- ), English footballer
  • Kirk Hinrich (1981- ), American basketball player
  • Kirk Hudson (1986- ), English footballer
  • Kirk Humphreys (1950- ), American politician
  • Kirk Hunter (1963- ), Northern Irish footballer
  • Kirk Hyslop (1889-?), Canadian architect
  • Kirk Jackson (1976- ), English footballer
  • Kirk Jarvinen (1967- ), American artist
  • Kirk Johnson (1972- ), Canadian boxer
  • Kirk Joseph (1961- ), American musician
  • Kirk Kelly (c. 1960- ), American singer
  • Kirk Kerkorian (1917-2015), American businessman
  • Kirk Kirkpatrick (1960- ), American businessman
  • Kirk Lankford (1985- ), American murderer
  • Kirk Lightsey (1937- ), American pianist
  • Kirk Lippold, American naval officer
  • Kirk Lowdermilk (1963- ), American football player
  • Kirk MacDonald, Canadian politician
  • Kirk Maltby (1972- ), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Kirk Martinez, English academic
  • Kirk McCarthy (1966-2004), Australian motorcycle racer
  • Kirk McCaskill (1961- ), Canadian baseball player
  • Kirk McLean (1966- ), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Kirk Mitchell (1950- ), American author
  • Kirk Morrison (1972- ), American football player
  • Kirk Morrison (poker player), American poker player
  • Kirk Muller (1966- ), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Kirk Netherton (1985- ), English rugby player
  • Kirk Nielsen (1973- ), American ice hockey player
  • Kirk O'Bee (1977- ), American cyclist
  • Kirk Olivadotti (1974- ), American football coach
  • Kirk Palmer (1986- ), Australian Olympics swimmer
  • Kirk Pengilly (1958- ), Australian musician
  • Kirk Penney (1980- ), New Zealand basketball player
  • Kirk Powell (1972- ), Jamaican cricketer
  • Kirk Powers, American musician
  • Kirk Radomski (1969- ), American figure in the baseball steroids scandal
  • Kirk Reynoldson (1979- ), Australian rugby player
  • Kirk Rueter (1970- ), American baseball player
  • Kirk Saarloos (1979- ), American baseball player
  • Kirk Schulz, president of Kansas State University
  • Kirk Schuring (1952- ), American politician
  • Kirk Scrafford (1967- ), American football player
  • Kirk Shelmerdine (1958- ), American race car driver
  • Kirk Talbot (1969- ), Louisiana politician
  • Kirk Thornton, voice actor
  • Kirk Whalum (1958- ), musician
  • Kirk White, Pagan lecturer and author
  • Kirk Windstein, American musician in the band, Crowbar
  • Kirk B. R. Woller (1962- ), American actor
  • Kirk Yeaman, professional rugby league player for Hull FC
Kirk (placename element)

Kirk is found as an element in many place names in Scotland, England, and North America. It is derived from kirk, meaning "church". In Scotland, it is sometimes an English translation from a Scots Gaelic form involving cille or eaglais, both words for 'church'. Rarely it is found in Anglicisations of Continental European placenames which originally had Dutch kerk or a related form.

Kirk by itself is the name of two places:

  • Kirk, Caithness, Highland
  • Kirk, Colorado, a US town

More usually it is an element in a compound name. The remainder of this article is a list of some of these.

In Scotland

  • Ashkirk, Scottish Borders
  • Falkirk
  • Halkirk, Caithness, Highland
  • Kirkbuddo, Angus
  • Kirkburn, Scottish Borders
  • Kirkcowan, Dumfries and Galloway
  • Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway
  • Kirkconnel, Dumfries and Galloway
  • Kirkfieldbank, South Lanarkshire
  • Kirkhill, Highland
  • Kirkhill, South Lanarkshire
  • Kirkhope, Scottish Borders
  • Kirkliston, Edinburgh
  • Kirkmaiden, Dumfries and Galloway
  • Kirkmichael, South Ayrshire
  • Kirkmuirhill, South Lanarkshire
  • Kirknewton, West Lothian
  • Kirkoswald, South Ayrshire
  • Kirkton of Skene, Aberdeenshire, and many other Kirktons, all tiny, and mostly matched with a Castleton or a Milton.
  • Kirk, Caithness, Highland
  • Kirkton (various)
  • Kirkwall, Orkney
  • Kirkwood, Coatbridge
  • Kirkwood Estate, East Ayrshire
  • Kirk Yetholm, Scottish Borders
  • Prestonkirk, East Lothian
  • Selkirk, Scottish Borders

In certain situations however, apparent instances of Kirk are, in their first element, from the Scots Gaelic word Cathair meaning a seat or fortress.

  • Kirkcaldy, Fife
  • Kirkintilloch

In England

  • Kirk Merrington, County Durham
  • Kirkbride, Cumbria
  • Kirkburton, West Yorkshire
  • Kirkby, Merseyside
  • Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
  • Kirkby-in-Furness, Cumbria
  • Kirkby Kendal, Cumbria
  • Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmoreland
  • Kirkby on Bain], Lincolnshire
  • Kirkburn, East Yorkshire
  • Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire
  • Kirkdale, Merseyside
  • Kirkdale, North Yorkshire
  • Kirkham, Cambridgeshire
  • Kirkham, Lancashire
  • Kirkham, North Yorkshire
  • Kirkhamgate, West Yorkshire
  • Kirkharle, Northumberland
  • Kirkhaugh, Northumberland
  • Kirkheaton, Northumberland
  • Kirkheaton, West Yorkshire
  • Kirkholt, Lancashire
  • Kirkland, Allerdale, Cumbria
  • Kirkland, Copeland, Cumbria
  • Kirkland, Eden, Cumbria
  • Kirkland, Lancashire
  • Kirkleatham, North Yorkshire
  • Kirklees, West Yorkshire
  • Kirklevington, Stockton-on-Tees
  • Kirkley, Suffolk
  • Kirklington, North Yorkshire
  • Kirklington, Nottinghamshire
  • Kirknewton, Northumberland
  • Kirkoswald, Cumbria
  • Kirkstall, West Yorkshire
  • Kirkstead, Lincolnshire
  • Kirkstone Pass, Cumbria
  • Ormskirk, Lancashire
  • Church Kirk, Lancashire
  • Colkirk, Norfolk
  • Peakirk, Northamptonshire
  • Kirkgate, Cambridgeshire
  • Chadkirk, Cheshire
  • Romaldkirk, Durham
  • Felixkirk, North Yorkshire

In France

  • Dunkirk, Nord-Pas-de-Calais (from Dutch Duinkerke; French Dunkerque)

In North America

  • Kirkpatrick, Oregon, United States
  • Newkirk, Oklahoma, United States
  • Kirkland, Washington, United States
  • Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada, named after Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk

Usage examples of "kirk".

Kirk was going to be giving up his admiralship and coming on this mission, Sunn had doubted it was anything more than some stunt by Starfleet.

As minister of Kirk Aller he was the metropolitan of the company, and as became a townsman he wore decent black with bands, and boasted a hat.

Muirhead on Presbytery matters which would save him a journey to Kirk Aller, when he was busy with the bog hay.

Kirk let the harness drop to the ground, then used one foot to kick it up into his hands as though totally unaware of the strength and athleticism involved in the movement.

I have promised Dunstan Kirk to let Badger pitch next Saturday in that game against Hartford.

James should have held it in leash till he had routed Argyll and Baillie and Hurry, and brought the Kirk and Estates to their knees, is a proof of genius for war that Gustavus never bettered.

The orders Kirk had received went on to explain that the Federation was going through a very delicate stage in its relations with the government of Commander Ari be Bem, of the system of Pandro.

Captain Kirk was therefore directed to extend to Commander ha Bem all courtesies normally extended to an attached observer, with special regard for the precarious diplomatic situation, keeping in mind the need to .

Kirk could do about it, except Ally no-and that could undo an the courtesy they had so painfully extended to bn Bem thus far.

As the only one of the arrivals with a sound footing on land, bn Bem rushed into the water to aid the struggling Kirk and Spock in regaining their footing.

Kirk turned his attention back to Commander be Bem, who had been mercifully silent all morning.

Kirk, Spock, and bn Bem found themselves secured within the three cages only recently vacated.

As it developed, they got no further than Spock, Kirk, and be Bem had the previous night.

Bem managed to whim per Suddenly Kirk found that his own anger at ho Bem had become a source of embarrassment.

Kirk asked discreetly, with a glance at the science station, where ho Bem was engaged in earnest discussion with Spock.