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n. A mythical Chinese hooved chimerical creature, said to appear in conjunction with the arrival of a sage.


Kirin may refer to:

Kirin (manga)

is a Japanese manga series by Shohei Harumoto. It was adapted into a live action film in 2012.

Kirin (chess)

A kirin is a fairy chess piece that moves as a ferz or a dabbaba. Below, it is given the symbol FD. In this article, the kirin is represented by an inverted knight (also known as giraffe ).

The kirin appears under this name ( Japanese: 麒麟, kirin) in the 14th-century Japanese game of chu shogi, and also in many other shogi variants. It appears in Ralph Betza's Chess on a Really Big Board. It is approximately equal to a knight in value.

Two kirins can force checkmate on a bare king without the help of their own king.

Usage examples of "kirin".

They backed up, the stranger half-dragging and half-supporting Kirin as his stumbling legs sagged under his weight.

He settled back in his pneumatic chair, folded his hands comfortably over his fat middle, and beamed at Kirin with twinkling eyes that flashed under tufted brows.

But Kirin knew the grey sages of Trevelon were reputed to be more magicians than philosophers.

He undipped a fat purse from his waistband and tossed it over to Kirin, who caught it and pulled the drawstring.

The crisp paper crackled as Kirin opened the sheets and leafed through them curiously.

And Kirin was on his way to steal the Medusa from the Iron Tower of Pelizon.

The New Empire was now building ships again, yes, and technology was on the rise, with new articles such as the rain-repelling weather-cloak Kirin had worn on Zha and his power gun.

While Kirin nursed a steaming cup of kaff, Temujin puffed on a small black oily pipe and was engaged in giving the thief some background information on the mysterious leader of the Death Dwarves.

With the brain inoperative and the navigational computers under exterior control, Kirin had no way of telling where he was or where he was going, except for the one valid set of interstellar signposts, the spectra of the stars themselves.

With a sinking heart, Kirin realized they had no hope of defending themselves.

If I do not interfere now, and use Kirin to steal the gem for me, then Trevelon or Zarlak will get it, and they will be able to use it against me when my legions are ready to attack.

He manipulated the surface of the pedestal in a certain manner and Kirin watched his actions closely without seeming to.

A steel phalanx of guards closed about Kirin and the doctor and guided them into the frowning bastion of a massive gate.

Temujin felt inward qualms and sought to warn his young comrade to be on guard against the wiles of the woman, but Kirin acted rather like one in a daze and seemed not to hear.

From all that he had heard of the green lady of Zangrimar, Kirin would not be the first man who had fallen under the dazzling spell of her seductive loveliness.