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Kirby, WY -- U.S. town in Wyoming
Population (2000): 57
Housing Units (2000): 37
Land area (2000): 0.108676 sq. miles (0.281470 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.108676 sq. miles (0.281470 sq. km)
FIPS code: 42730
Located within: Wyoming (WY), FIPS 56
Location: 43.803003 N, 108.180310 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Kirby, WY
Kirby, OH -- U.S. village in Ohio
Population (2000): 132
Housing Units (2000): 59
Land area (2000): 0.107110 sq. miles (0.277414 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.107110 sq. miles (0.277414 sq. km)
FIPS code: 40558
Located within: Ohio (OH), FIPS 39
Location: 40.811589 N, 83.418815 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Kirby, OH
Kirby, TX -- U.S. city in Texas
Population (2000): 8673
Housing Units (2000): 3137
Land area (2000): 1.868718 sq. miles (4.839957 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.032770 sq. miles (0.084875 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1.901488 sq. miles (4.924832 sq. km)
FIPS code: 39448
Located within: Texas (TX), FIPS 48
Location: 29.461032 N, 98.388763 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 78219
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Kirby, TX
Kirby (character)

is a fictional character and the titular protagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. As one of Nintendo's most famous and familiar icons, Kirby's round appearance and ability to copy his foes' powers has made him a well known figure in video games, consistently ranked as one of the most iconic video game characters. He first appeared in 1992 in Kirby's Dream Land for the Game Boy. Originally a placeholder, created by Masahiro Sakurai, at the age of 19, for the game's early development, he has since then starred in over 20 games, ranging from action platformers to puzzle, racing, and even pinball, and has been featured as a playable fighter in all Super Smash Bros. games. He has also starred in his own anime and manga series. His most recent appearance is in Kirby: Planet Robobot, for the Nintendo 3DS. Since 1999, he has been voiced by Makiko Ohmoto.

Kirby is well-known for his ability to inhale objects and creatures to gain their abilities, as well as his ability to float by expanding his body. He uses these abilities to rescue various lands, such as his home world of Pop Star, from evil forces and antagonists, such as Dark Matter or Nightmare. On these adventures he often crosses paths with his rivals, the gluttonous King Dedede and the mysterious Meta Knight, though Meta Knight can be found as a hero, depending on the game. In virtually all his appearances, Kirby is depicted as cheerful, innocent and food-loving but becomes fearless, bold and clever in the face of danger.


Kirby may refer to:

Kirby (series)

The series is a video game series developed by HAL Laboratory and Nintendo, and produced by Nintendo. The gameplay of a majority of the games in the series consists mainly of action, platform and puzzle-solving elements. The series is known for its bright and artistic settings, simplistic gameplay, cute characters, upbeat, cheerful music, and the protagonist's in-game ability to inhale enemies, thereby gaining a characteristic ability from them. Currently, the Kirby series includes a total of over twenty games, and has sold over 34 million units worldwide, putting it in the top 50 best selling video game franchises of all time.

Kirby (given name)

Kirby is a given name, and may refer to:

  • Kirby Ian Andersen, Canadian musician
  • Kirby Chambliss (born 1959), American pilot
  • Kirby Dick, American filmmaker
  • Kirby Doyle (1932–2003), American poet
  • Kirby Freeman, American football player
  • Kirby Grant (1911–1985), American actor
  • Kirby Gregory, British musician
  • Kirby J. Hensley (1911–1999), American religious leader
  • Kirby Heyborne (born 1976), American actor
  • Kirby Hocutt, American sports director
  • Kirby Larson, American writer
  • Kirby Law (born 1977), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Kirby Mack (born 1983), American wrestler
  • Kirby Morrow (born 1973), Canadian performer
  • Kirby Puckett (1960–2006), American baseball player
  • Kirby Smart (born 1975), American football coach
  • Kirby Smith (1824-1893), American Army Officer and Professor
  • Kirby Wilson (born 1961), American football coach
  • Kirby Wright, American writer
Kirby (surname)

Kirby is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Andy Kirby
  • Bill Kirby
  • Bruce Kirby (disambiguation)
  • Bruno Kirby, American film and television actor
  • Charles Kirk Kirby (1826-1910), American architect
  • Chauncy Kirby, Canadian ice hockey player
  • David Kirby (journalist)
  • David Kirby (judge)
  • David Kirby (poet)
  • Dorothy Kirby
  • Doug Kirby
  • Douglas Kirby, research scientist
  • Durward Kirby, television personality
  • Edmund Kirby (1838–1920), English architect
  • Eric Kirby (footballer) (born 1926), English professional footballer
  • Fran Kirby, English footballer
  • Frank E. Kirby, Detroit designer of steamships in the early 20th century
  • Frank Howard Kirby
  • George Kirby, comedian
  • Halder Kirby, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Jack Kirby, comic book artist
  • James Kirby, American labor leader
  • Jim Kirby, inventor
  • John Kirby (attorney), a US attorney involved in some famous trials
  • John Kirby (Canadian politician) (1772–1846), Canadian businessman and politician
  • John Kirby (artist) (born 1949), British painter
  • John Henry Kirby (1860–1940), American businessman
  • John Joshua Kirby (1716–1774), British landscape painter, engraver, and writer
  • Josh Kirby, British illustrator known for his Discworld covers
  • Kathy Kirby (1938–2011), British singer
  • Kier M. Kirby, singer of Deee-Lite
  • Luke Kirby (priest) Catholic Priest and martyr
  • Luke Kirby (actor) Canadian film actor
  • Micajah W. Kirby (1798–1882), New York politician
  • Michael Kirby (judge), Justice of the High Court of Australia
  • Michael J. L. Kirby, former Canadian senator and current Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • Peadar Kirby, Irish author and academic
  • Rene Kirby
  • Rip Kirby, fictional character
  • Robert Kirby
  • Robert Kirby (comics artist)
  • Robion Kirby, American mathematician
  • Ryan Kirby, English soccer player
  • Steve Kirby (cricketer), English cricketer
  • Steve T. Kirby, Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota
  • Sylvia Kirby
  • Stuart Kirby
  • William Kirby (entomologist) (1759–1850), English entomologist
  • William Kirby (author), Canadian author of The Golden Dog, etc.
  • William Forsell Kirby (1844–1912), A later English entomologist
  • William F. Kirby (1867–1934), Senator from Arkansas
  • William C. Kirby, Historian at Harvard University
  • Will Kirby, Big Brother contestant

Usage examples of "kirby".

In Shreveport, the headquarters of the Confederate Army of the West, Lieutenant General Kirby Smith, the third of that auspicious surname to be involved, worried and fretted, but could not release General Taylor and his thin Louisiana division to the attack until the scattered grayback Army of the West could be collected from its far-flung posts and concentrated against the advancing Union Army.

Queen Kirby seems to have all the gunslicks in these parts on her payroll.

Ten months, or eleven, some say, following the proclamation of the marriage-tie, a son was born to Countess Fanny, close by the castle of Chillon-on-the-lake, and he had the name of Chillon Switzer John Kirby given to him to celebrate the fact.

Kirby, whose own esping facilities were deficient to the point of nonex-istence, watched in silence as the wordless examination com-menced.

There was a crackling from the path ahead, and then Richard Todd came around the corner, with Billy Kirby just behind him.

With a murmur of thanks and farewell she brushed past Nathaniel and joined Richard Todd and Billy Kirby.

Kirby Hensley founded the Universal Life Church and started ordaining everybody as a minister of the gospel, the Paratheo-Aname-tamystikhood of Eris Esoteric has decided to raise the stakes.

Three days later in the same sector, Commander Kirby and Rookie One intercept a garbled distress call from the Corellian cargo vessel Corellia Star, which is seemingly under attack by invisible forces.

A tiny man, less than five foot fourthe yarmulke held on to his thinning hair with kirby grips, a rim of close-cropped white beard, a tape measure slung around his neck, a grubby waistcoat on top of a threadbare cardigan, pins stuck in all over it and chalk dust smeared at the rims of its pockets.

White doesn't want the death penalty and we'd already connected him with Kirby, so we clubbed him with the murder-for-hire angle.

Victor Henry walked around the table for handshakes, and came last to Palmer Kirby.

Kirby glanced from the motor home to the FBI's rolling strike force headquarters parked less than a hundred feet away.

Like any other good press secretary, Kirby doesn't mind admitting -- off the record -- that his love of Pure Truth is often tempered by circumstances.

OP Puffing at his pipe, Kirby slouched in an armchair and stared at the radio.

By quarter past seven her guests, including Kirby, had straggled in, brushing and stamping off snow, but the dinner was still stalled.